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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

This has been all over the news. It is so sad and pathetic at the same time and highly angering. Why do they think they can attack and kill and raid any Country they want? Why are we not doing more then protesting this?

And like always, the victims are innocent civilians, including Women and Children.

You can read more about it here:

Here are a few pictures from Yahoo:

Syrian students shout slogans against the U.S. as they wave a poster of President Bashar al-Assad during a demonstration in Damascus October 30, 2008. Thousands of Syrians held a government-backed demonstration in Damascus on Thursday to protest against a U.S. military raid in the east of the country that has put a further strain on U.S.-Syrian ties.

An image grab taken from official Syrian television showing victims of what the Syrian media reported was a US attack on a building in the village of Al-Sukkiraya, near the Syria-Iraq border. Iraq has said the deadly raid was targeting an area used by insurgents plotting attacks on its soil, as Damascus protested about what it branded a cold-blooded war crime by US forces.


Syrian villagers mourn for the victims during a mass funeral in the village of Sukaria, in the Bou Kamal area near the Iraqi border October 27, 2008. A deadly raid on the Syrian side of Iraq's border, blamed by Syria on the United States, targeted an area used by insurgents for attacks on Iraq, Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said on Monday.

REUTERS/Khaled al-Hariri (SYRIA)

A Syrian man mourns near the body of a relative who died a day before when U.S. military helicopters launched an attack on Syrian territory, before a funeral procession in the Sukkariyeh Farm near the town of Abu Kamal in an area of farms and brick factories about five miles (eight kilometers) inside the Syrian border, on Monday, Oct. 27, 2008. Blood stained the dusty earth Monday as anguished villagers on the outskirts of farming town near Iraq buried loved ones they say were killed by an American helicopter raid inside Syria.

(AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Syrians carry coffins of their realtives who were killed yesterday in a US military raid on the village of Sukkiraya, on the Syria-Iraq border. The United States mounted a rare cross-border raid into Syria to kill the head of a smuggling network feeding arms and foreign fighters to Iraq, a US official said Monday, signaling a more aggressive approach to insurgent sanctuaries.

(AFP/Ramzi Haidar)

A Syrian man sits next to blood staining the floor in the village of Sukkiraya, on the Syria-Iraq border, the scene of what the Syrian media reported as a deadly US military strike. US forces in Iraq staged a "successful" raid into Syria against foreign fighters, an American official said Monday, as a furious Damascus accused Washington of "terrorist aggression.

"(AFP/Ramzi Haidar)

Syrian villagers pray over coffins during a mass funeral for victims of a raid in the village of Sukaria in the Bou Kamal area, near the Iraqi border October 27, 2008. (Khaled al-Hariri/Reuters)

In an image made from APTN Television an amateur video shows a pointing to a covered body in Syria after a raid Sunday Oct. 26, 2008, in Sukkariyeh, Syria.

(AP Photo/APTN)

Syrian protesters gather at Youssef al-Azmi square during a demonstration against the U.S. raid on a village near the Syrian-Iraqi border last Monday, in Damascus, Syria, Thursday Oct. 30, 2008. Hundreds of Syrian riot police ringed the shuttered and closed U.S. Embassy in Damascus on Thursday, as tens of thousands of Syrians converged on a central square for a government-orchestrated protest to denounce a deadly U.S. raid near the Iraqi border.

(AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Here is a video by Al-Jazeera covering the Syria raid:

I wonder if President Bush ever feels remorse for all the innocent Women, Children and Men he has killed in thousands till date. If the United States thinks these type of raids will cut down on foreign fighters and military activity, they are wrong. Raids like these will do nothing but anger the people and increase resistance against the United States. I have no doubt, at least one or two of the relatives of the killed, if not more, from children to older Men will have thoughts about training as fighters for Jihad against the United States and entering into Iraq.

How can you attack a nation, and expect no resistance? On the other hand, the Muslim/Arab World should take a much harsher stand officially against raids and attacks like these. 9/11 took place on American Soil, and Bush wiped out two full Countries leaving them as new-born babies. However, this is too much of an idealistic wish if I say so myself. Our leaders are so involved and dependent on the West, that they cannot do anything except watch as their people are ruthlessly slaughtered.

Allahul Musta'an.

May Allah azza wa jal give sabr to the relatives of the deceased and may he bring from among us leaders who are good for us and may those who oppress, taste their own oppression one day.


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Hajar said...

My Sermon to The Tyrants

Blood is not water,
even the ground beneath our feet
remembers whose blood she swallowed,
just or unjust.

The spirit of Zaynab lives
bereft of her hijab and her road-weary feet
the bloody, oppressor's bruises on her body,
I feel the thunder

of indignant rage as
she boldly scolds her evil oppressor, Yazid.
We will never foget the sound of her voice
the pain in her voice,

her fury against
the tyrant of her time, and the tyrants of all time.
You shake in your boots, knowing your grip on power
is like rain water

and the blood you spill
is never forgotten by the Spirit that survives,
not crushed beneath your tanks and bombs.
we stand, victorious

and pray in the places
where the tyrants once ruled, and killed the holy Imams
and their pious women. Our children will outlive
your reign of tyranny

and pray in the places
where you, our tyrants, now flaunt your transient power
and pompous display of stolen wealth and pilfered properties.
Our children will live to celebrate your demise.

Habayeb said...

oh ur asking if Bush feels *remorse*? lol, about the Iraq war he said "GOD" told me to! im sorry, no offense, but the US makes me sick now...wheneva i think of the US , all i feel is disgust.not the ppl ofcourse..there are many good souls there however i just hate the govt (now who doesnt?)

And im also tired of WHY cant we do more! really, the Muslim ummah feels SO weak. All the leaders do is just put a statement in the newspapers saying they condemn these attacks and next thing ya know, Bush is in town!!!! wow what an achievement! *rolls eyes*

Modern Girl said...

Wow, that's horrible. It's not on the news here in Canada - yet. The Neo-conservative movement in a lot of the Western world scares me, because they do so many immoral things that our media covers up.

rosh said...

OK. I get where you are coming from. Am not sure what to say, except, the innocent folks are often the ones losing it all.

I don't believe the US is taking lives of innocents, intentionally -I don't believe that is their intention. However, that does not mean they shouldn't held accountable.

Heartfelt prayers to all those who've lost lives and the near & dear in life. Nothing can bring them back or erase some of the pain - except, progress for change - change for a brighter tomorrow. It's time people stopped paying the price and asked their leaders to get their act straight or get out.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Okay, I agree with on this one Rosh [Finally! :P], and welcome to the blog.

But maybe not the second comment, I find it hard to believe the US doesn't initiallytarget innocent people, too many repetitions of such cases for me not to believe. Or maybe, they just don't care.

For eg, this helicopter came down and just started shooting, how crazy is that? And cases in Iraq & Afghanistan, documentaries, videos, articles on 'training tactics' that the US military goes through, just makes it hard to believe they dont intend to target innocent people at all. [For eg, I read this article where the US military is densensitised to think lowly of Iraqis so they can kill them without remorse and there was this Video of a pilot who was shooting iraqis from his plane, his screen was like a gaming console and when he hit the people he let out a whoop of joy :/]

Anonymous said...

I want to respect your views, but with this post I'm having trouble. I think you should read many news publications before deciding how you see things. Some media outlets post bloody photos, very graphic pictures, just to incite hatred and outrage. I thank God no one posted a picture of my uncle's body parts when he was blown up in the World Trade Center on 9/11, when his handicapped wife and two young sons were left without a father. Your statement that the US Army is trained to be desensitized to Iraqi life is plainly wrong. I don't know where you got that info, and it's your blog and you can say whatever you want, but I wish you would think about it before you post such false statements. Also, do you realize that sometimes targeted sites are put in civilian areas so that when the US hits them the the US is made to look evil?

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