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....I'm usually a very calm person. I reflect calmness. I'm the sort of person people flock to for advice, my siblings look up to me for religious advice and I have the ability of listening to people without judging them. So in turn, people pour out their feelings, thoughts, bad habits, and all their problems.

However, sometimes, like all other Women, I go through dangerously versatile mood swings. There are days, like today for instance, that I'll be upset at the most silliest and ridiculous things. Inconsequential things. For example, today I went with my Sister to place an order for an Abaya today, and the man who usually stitches it was gone out of the Country, instead there was someone else in his place and on top, I forgot to keep a sample Abaya. I'd been so looking forward to getting another one stitched that I wanted to cry while leaving the shop. Not to mention, I turned into a grumpy, grouchy, sulking and highly irritated person.

When I go through one of my very versatile moods swings, I turn from the calm and serene 'Muslimah', to this unrecognisable monster who literally wants to bash something. I'll sulk the whole day, not speaking to anyone in my family, itching to pick a fight with my Sisters at the smallest of things. In fact, I even let it affect any work I do. I wonder what a lot of people would think if they ever came across this side of me, heh.

Day before yesterday, when I turned into this unrecognisable Monster, I was browsing the Internet and came across this on Imam Anwar Al-Awlakis website: Link

Which made me cry and made me feel so grateful for whatever I had. It also made me realise how ungrateful I become when going through these crazy mood swings. Maybe Allah subhanna wa ta'ala wanted me to go through that post, just at that moment, knowing how I was feeling.

In conclusion, it's true, and we can't deny it, Women are emotional creatures. If some of you have it to the extreme, check this out: Link

[Just for the record, apparently, Men go through mood swings too! ;) ]

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hijabee said...

This is so me!!! I have days like this when one minute I'm hapy, the next I'm fuming....My hormones drive me crazyyyyyyyy

Abul Layth said...

Ya, I know way to many women who go through sudden PMS. Its horrid! And wen you point it out to them, they explode, as it seems to make them more irritated when people tell them they are irritated!

Allahul Musta'an!

BuJassem said...

salaams.. you know i'm a guy and i get loads of mood swings.. but tend to keep to myself when i'm down.. when exposed to people at that time things turn ugly!

redstar said...

Whilst men may occasionally get a bit moody, nothing compares to the volatile mood swings of the ladies around us! I have to take cover when Mrs Redstar is on the warpath...

Veiled Muslimah said...

Hijabee, I think all humans are prone to it.

Abu Layth, I hope your wife doesn't read your comment. :-p

Buj, wa alaykumsalam, keeping to yourself in those moments is actually the best thing to do. In case we end up doing/saying something rash that we regret later.

redstar, thats what make us so unique. :D

UmmBlog said...

I always knew you weren't a calm person ...

Veiled Muslimah said...

Don't lie!!! ;)

[No really?! At least I'm not as hyper as you are ;)]

rosh said...

umm..being emotional, is being human. Don't bottle up. Everyone's gonna need a vent every now and then - am sure even god :)

Veiled Muslimah said...

lol, rosh, never said it wasn't. I'm fascinated by the extreme turning around in personality people [including me!] go through though, whilst in these moods. It's hilarious.

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