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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

I'm sure a lot of people must wonder about my blog address, crazyblueh. The name is more suited to a blog dedicated to a rock band then a Muslimah writing about Islam and other subjects. I'm defenitely neither crazy or blue.

Well, I actually started this blog a long time ago, when I was slightly more immature, uninteresting and uncreative, and initially this blog was just a normal blog. Also, when I was making this blog I remember my mind could not come up with a decent name. It was when I'd started practicing that it became the 'Reflections Of A Muslimah'. I really dislike the blog address though and often I've thought about shifting to wordpress or starting a new blog with a better address. But I've used this blog for a long time, and everyone has their links as this address.

So therefore, my blog address, unfortunately will most probably stay the same. :(

I've thought about moving to Wordpress a lot, but I don't like the fact that you have to host your own weblog to add any changes or use themes that you want, and usually you need to buy decent blog addresses. I was also having problems transferring it through FTP to a free host, and I found it a hassle. So I most probably would be staying here, but if anybody has any suggestions, feel free to share. Or should I move? I wish I was able to import one blogger blog to another blogger blog. Actually, I even booked a reflectionsofamuslimah.blogspot address, but I realised I couldn't import the contents of this blog to that.

What does the 'H' stand for? The 'H' in all these names stands for my name, therefore it adds a bit of uniqueness.

And while we're at the topic of usernames, I don't like VeiledMuslimah either anymore, I think, well, it sounds a little cheesy. I wish I had something much more better, like Ummblog.
Lol, I totally fell in love with her name, Masha'Allah, for those of you don't know what it means, Umm is pronounced as Omm and means Mother, in this case, Mother of blog.

But oh well, you work with what you have. ;)

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Habayeb said...

Salaam! Ahh, why bother shifting? i mean why care wat others think abt ur "blog address" of all the things? I think its ur content that matters. I check out uR blog to see the posts n not wonder why does she have crazyblueh as an address. Besides as u said many ppl are already familiar with this blog so chillax! :P

btw- how were the brownies? :P

Veiled Muslimah said...

Haha, thanks. Awesome. I'll post pictures tomorrow, actually there is already one on facebook. :)

Anonymous said...

O Muslimah! I hope you have understood, that pursuant to the dictates of Allah, the Great One, all music is from Shaitan and should be banned!

Music of all types is inherently evil, because it is the work of Shaitan and distracts us, Allah's slaves, from the attention we must give to Allah, the Great One!

O Muslimah! You should ban all music from your Blog and from your life.


MASS said...

yeah i remember some time ago when you were crazy.

crazyblue is fine. just a link

MASS said...

yeah i remember some time ago when you were crazy.

crazyblue is fine. just a link said...


I moved to wordpress some time ago. I like some of its features. But when you're hosting it yourself, you have this slight worry of downtime.

I had one such problem recently and it affected the traffic to the site.

If you've built up a lot of incoming links and traffic for this site, then I suggest you stick to this blog.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Anonymous: Jazakallah khair for the advice, but alhamdulilah I don't listen to music anymore. I just mentioned that the address probably made people think it was a blog dedicated to a rockband.

Mass: lol, I hope that was a joke, haha. Yeah, I think I was slightly in the beginning maybe.

I know it's just a link, but imagine the scenario when somebody asks you for your blog address... and you need to tell them, 'Crazyblueh',.. :p

Islamblog: Wa Alaykumsalam, Yeah, actually the features and themes are numerous and much more classy if you host yourself, but I was a bit unsure about hosting on your own. Also, with all the free sites around, and blogger offering XML templates, it's nearly the same thing now, but Wordpress posts much more faster.

Yeah, I'll probably be keeping it, insha'allah, unless I change my mind... again. :)

Maverick said...

If you want to move to Wordpress, you should do it. There's lots and lots of themes to choose from and some of them are customizable. The one that I have, on my site, I replaced the top header image pretty easily.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Maverick, Lol, actually, you know what, I did try Wordpress out. I imported my blog and checked out the themes, but i felt it was still limited. I like having total control of my blog theme/template, and that isnt just possible with Wordpress. They don't even allow you to add html codes besides pictures on your themes, but if you hosted your own blog, then that would be a whole different story.

But I find that a hassle. :(

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