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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

In the recent tour of President George W. Bush to the Middle East, United Arab Emirates was too a stop. And ultimately, a public holiday was called on January 14th, more for security reasons then celebratory. [Although I wasn't objecting to the holiday, I got to sleep late] A holiday which abruptly put a stop to the running of the whole Country. The holiday itself was called in a short period of time and the diversion of roads without notice caused massive traffic jams.

Secondly, in some parts of Dubai, people were literally under house arrest and the roads were closed down. The President was given a marvelous entry and provided with high security.

I find it ironic that when our Muslim Brothers and Sisters are suffering and dying, Mulim/Arab lands are welcoming the one who has the blood of millions of innocent people on his hands. The blood of our brethren in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq.

He is open about supporting the terrorist state of Israel but he has the audacity to go out and speak against Iran. In fact, all his rants revolved around Iran and the 'threat' it poses.

What is more sad is we have Muslims who greet him with welcome and are in awe of him. They forget that just across the border, in this same region in fact, people are loosing their lives and loved ones. That their homes have been destroyed because of him. They are so amazed that he is the 'President of the United States' they cannot think beyond that.

This e-mail was forwarded to me by a friend a few days later after the President left. And it's a bit sad and funny at the same time. It was titled, 'Khooosh 7ejaab'. And you'll see why.

Sad really, when we have Muslim Sisters willing to shake hands, kiss and take pictures first of all, with a Non-Mehram man and secondly, of all people, George W. Bush. I think these pictures wouldn't have made much of a difference if she wasn't wearing Hijaab, but ultimately she is representing Islam and Muslims to a certain extent when she puts it on, especially to the media and it is our duty as Muslims to represent Islam properly when we go out.

And I doubt that if any of the Presidents or Shaykhs of Muslim/Arab Countries went and visited him, he'd go to such lengths to provide security, give people a public holiday and stop businesses and close down malls.

Wa Allahu a3lam, I don't know what is so great about the man that everyone in the pictures seemed so flustered and happy about. I wouldn't care less if he went and rot in a bin.


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12 comments: said...

Muslim Sisters willing to shake hands, kiss and take pictures first of all, with a Non-Mehram man and secondly, of all the people, George W. Bush

The only thing to exempt the hijabi in that pic is if we classified Bush as an animal.(which isn't too hard)

Then it would simply be a case of kissing an animal that is najis, which may be a lesser sin than kissing a non mehram man. But a sin none the less!

Sorry about that but I had to vent in some way.

May Allah grant us wisdom before it's too late.

Maryam said...

This is disgusting...i mean...its bush! :O

Veiled Muslimah said...

Lol, Ameen to the dua Abu Mus'ab. After all I guess we need to make 70 excuses for her.

Maryam, I defenitely agree. :-/ I was too when I saw the picture.

It's obvious they're, [Or she is] overwhelmed by him.

Uma por Dia said...


Veiled Muslimah said...

Welcome to my blog Uma. :) As for it being 'sad', indeed it is. As a lot of other things which are going on in this World.

Zainab said...

I share your sentiments...

Sketched Soul said...


Anonymous said...

Oh WALLA a place in Hell is reserved for her now !

It just goes to show, that the Hijaab is just for fashion not tradition.
And that too... she's Arabic.

GB will take the photo back and say " See the Arabs they love us, now approve my budget to send more people to I-raq"

Veiled Muslimah said...

I wouldn't make a strong statement condemning her to hell-fire. Only Allah subhanna wa ta'ala knows who will into hell-fire and who into paradise. And we should make dua that all of our brothers and sisters in islam taste Jannah Insha'Allah.

Yes, I do agree that the Hijaab has become for some people a thing for fashion or culture but alhamdulilah we still have a lot of Muslim Sisters who practice it properly. :)

I sincerely hope that doesnt happen, what we need is american troops out of iraq.

Anonymous said...

I'm only posting anon because I don't want hate mail/comments...

When i heard Bush was in UAE i told my husband I hope someone shoots him in the knee, then drags him out to a sand dune and nails him down and leaves him there to rot. He's killed not only thousands of our brothers and sister but his OWN people as well. Ugh. disgusting gov. puppet. If I were that poor ignorant woman I'd scrub my cheek with bleach and dettol until it bled jsut to make sure his nastiness didn't catch onto me.
Shame she was wearing hijab.

Hicham said...

Oh! there's a rumor that he's barakah بركة :P

Anyway, may Allah forgive her and all of us as HE Almighty is the ONLY who can judge people.


p.s. sis; you can safely delete the previous comment as it has wrong url. Thanks

Veiled Muslimah said...

anonymous: assalam aalykum, no problem. :) I know you're serious and I totally agree, but I could not help but smile at your ah very creative method of punishmed. :) Insha'allah, his time will come.

hicham: lol, is it? Ameen to the dua and the comment has been deleted.

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