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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

A newstory of a Saudi blogger being arrested for his views has been circulating the internet.

We've come to a sad state when our governments feel the need to arrest people for their views.

Fouad Al-Farhan, was arrested by Saudi authorities on Tuesday, 11th of December in Jeddah for his views that he blogged about concerning social reforms, missing Islamic values and political prisoners within the Country. He also has two children.

It is the truth that although Saudia Arabia follows Shariah law, there is a need for reform within the Country, both from an Islamic and social aspect. The increasing number of homosexuality and the importance that is given to cultural values more then Islamic values borders on hypocrisy. As for political prisoners and prisoners of faith, it is common knowledge that a lot of people get arrested within Muslim/Arab countries for being too 'religious', are accused of terrorism or when they criticise the government among other things.

The case of Fouad is not an exception, thousands of people have been arrested in the past and the future all over the World for standing against injustice and speaking the truth.

I feel we are nearing the time when speaking the truth is a struggle.

You can stay updated by visiting: Free Fouad - A website dedicated to his plight.


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