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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

Gaza has been recently bombarded by Israeli forces and blockaded from supplies and fuel resulting in death, sickness and starvation. Women and Children have died because of Israeli aggression.

Palestinians in Gaza are deprived of water, food and electricity. Slowly, but surely, the people are dying - fading away If this isn't depriving people from their basic human right, what is? The terrorist state of Israel is delibrately killing innocent people, and we stay doing absolutely nothing. Hundreds and thousands of innocent people are suffering for absolutely no reason. They are being denied medical supplies or any sort of medical treatment. Allahul Musta'an.

Recently, in their deperation the Palestinians in Gaza breached the Egypt/Palestinian border. They went on to shop for basic supplies like food and water.

At the very least, show your solidarity with the people of Gaza, make dua for them and pray to Allah subhanna wa ta'ala that their suffering is easened.

These are a few videos that give us a hint about the reality of Gaza and the amount of suffering they go through:

[You need to switch off the Qur'an playing from the left hand bottom side]

Children Of Gaza

Israels blockade of Gaza

Humanitarian Impact of Israeli Blockade

Palestinians break out from Gaza Siege

What have these people done to be starved to death and denied their rights as human beings?

In a hadith of RasoolAllah, it was narrated that the Muslims are like one body, if one part is hurt, the other feels it too.

Are we really feeling it? If so, are we doing enough about it?


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Anonymous said...

all the Women must be covered head-to-toe in Chador at all times!!

For it is written in the Mighty Book, that all who do not obey these commands are stricken with the Devil's blight, that of Shaitan!!

I am Brother Abu Zubaff.

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