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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

It has been constantly raining in Dubai for the past few days, and I've been falling in love with the weather.

Considering how we get this Weather only once in a blue moon, I've decided to take full advantage of it. I've been out in the car for drives, drinking hot-coffee/tea, spending time with friends, while over-looking the rain. And of course, trying to get my work done, which is hard because of how the weather tends to affect us.

I've been feeling almost lazy and indolent and I'd rather just sit outside in my garden with a hot mug of green tea then do anything productive. But human life is a reality, and we have to get back to work and tackle the little problems life sends us this way and that.

Rain is also a mercy and blessing of Allah subhanna wa ta'ala.

In the famous battle of Badr, in the history of Islam, a battle between truth and falsehood, when the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu alayhi wasallam went out to fight the Quraysh, and made dua, Allah subhanna wa ta'ala sent rain as a mercy for the believers.

It was revealed in the Qur'an regarding this in Surah Al-Anfal:

إِذۡ يُغَشِّيكُمُ ٱلنُّعَاسَ أَمَنَةً۬ مِّنۡهُ وَيُنَزِّلُ عَلَيۡكُم مِّنَ ٱلسَّمَآءِ مَآءً۬ لِّيُطَهِّرَكُم بِهِۦ وَيُذۡهِبَ عَنكُمۡ رِجۡزَ

ٱلشَّيۡطَـٰنِ وَلِيَرۡبِطَ عَلَىٰ قُلُوبِڪُمۡ وَيُثَبِّتَ بِهِ ٱلۡأَقۡدَامَ (١١)

(Remember) when He covered you with a slumber as a security from Him, and He caused water (Rain) to descend on you from the sky, to clean you thereby and to remove from you the Rijz (whispering, evil-suggestions) of Shaitân (Satan), and to strengthen your hearts, and make your feet firm thereby (11)

The rain was a blessing for the Muslims because it made the ground steady for them to fight and it purified the people. The Muslims were only few in numbers, only between 300 and 400 and the Quraysh numbered around 1300 men strong, 100 horses and a great number of camels. But Allah subhanna wa ta'ala still gave the Muslims victory and the Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wasallam considered those who fought in the Battle of Badr the best of the Muslims and the angels who fought in the Battle of Badr, the best among the angels.

Secondly, there are more chances of your dua being accepted during rainfall.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu alayhi wasallam (peace & blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

"Two are the du'as that are never returned: the du'a made when the prayer is being called, and at the time of rainfall." (Abu Dawud)

So don't forget to take advantage of this beautiful weather.

However, I've realised Dubai, or U.A.E for that matter isn't well equipped to deal with rain. I've been hearing the police sirens going on constantly throughout the day and that means there have been a lot of accidents. I also heard cars flooded and people got stranded. May Allah subhanna wa ta'ala make it easy for the people and I hope everyone gets home safely Insha'Allah.


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Sairah said...

I also love the rain! It's so beautiful, and calming and tranquil- even down to the pitter-patter sounds it makes when it hits the windowpanes and roof of your house! ^^

Another thing I love are thunderstorms and a passage in the Qur'an described them perfectly:

"And of His signs is the showing of lightning, in which there is fear as well as hope..." from [Qur'an 30:24]

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