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There is talk about recession everywhere. Of people leaving their cars on the airport and running away because they don't have money to pay their loans. And people cutting down on their extravagance and their spending.

However, how does or did the recession affect Women?

I wanted to book myself for an appointment at the Salon the other day so I asked my Sister to call and do it for herself and me. The Woman told us she was booked for three days continuous.

Laughingly she said, 'Recession? What recession? People should come and look at my parlour! When it comes to Women and their beauty, there is never any recession!

Which, in my opinion, I think is true to an extent.

Speaking of the recession though, I've realised that although it might have affected some people drastically, others are just complaining because they have to cut down on their extra extravagance and luxury. All I have to say to that is, be happy you have food to eat!

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Anonymous said...

Recession or no recession, women will always find the resources to make them feel more beautiful :-)

Veiled Muslimah said...

haha, very true DG. It's something I will not deny.

Feel or look? :P

Anonymous said...

Feel of course. No matter how beautiful a woman is, still she is never satisfied :-)

Veiled Muslimah said...

I think that is true to an extent only. There are Women out there who im sure are satisfied with how they are, Allahu Aaalam.

But i think part of it is also how God made us, some part of us tends to worry about how much weight we gain or how we look. :)

Lol, i have a feeling i just contradicted myself.

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