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Sometimes it's so hard for me to be satisfied with things. It's a bad habit of mine. For eg. I thought I liked my previous template, but then I became unsatisfied with it and I spent the whole of yesterday changing templates trying to find the one I liked. Till now I've still been unsuccessful.

It's not just about templates, its these random phases I go through when I'm dissatisfied with everything around me. I have this bad habit of regretting everything I do, including the food I ordered in some restaurant. A good friend of mine keeps on trying to get me rid of it and I've given her the privilege to yell at me when I do it.

It's something I want to get over though, because I am better then a lot of people around the World, alhamdulilah. I was just thinking yesterday, when I was doubling over with pain because of my teeth that what about the people who are suffering and have no medication? A video of a boy who had his arm and leg cut off him in Gaza kept on running through my head. I had painkillers to get my rid of my pain... and he had nothing.

I need to stop thinking of the 'what could have been's....' Sigh. Everything is qadr of Allah.


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Anonymous said...

Take a chill pill :-)

Veiled Muslimah said...

I just listened to the Qurán... I think it works better than most medication. It's sad though that my friend needed to remind me about the 'solution'.


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