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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

I know I haven't blogged for a while. I went through one of my phases where I lost the inclination to write/blog here. But I'm back, I guess. I might just change the layout completely.

There were so many things that I wanted to blog about initially, Muntadar Al-Zaidis shoe-throwing incident, The Mumbai attacks, The War Of Terror and other things.

Is it just me, or our current World situation just keeps on getting worse?

The Gaza attacks were the last straw. It is absolute indiscriminate killing. It's sickening. Open random bombs dropped on civilians. The blockade which resulted in people dying. What is more shocking is the case of our current so-called 'Muslim' leaders today of our nations. They are silent, probably calling for another 'meeting' and doing nothing. Absolutely nothing to help the Muslim Ummah. Weak, pathetic and cowardly. They're happy as long as they don't upset the superpowers of this World: USA & Israel. Sickening, isn't it?

The death toll that I checked last night for Gaza was around 300, and I'm sure it must've increased by today. My heart bleeds for Gaza, for the Palestinians, The Iraqis, The Afghanis, for the Prisoners in Gitmo and Afghanistan and the Somalis. For the Women who are raped, the Children that are killed, the Men who are tortured. For all those who suffer. And yet, all we do is, protest. And protest. And protest. After a while, our voices die down and no action is taken.

The genocide goes on. We need more then to just voice our anger, our thoughts. We need a constant voice, we need action, we need to make sure our voices don't die down again. We need to unite.

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redstar said...

I don't agree with what's happening in Gaza either.

I'm interested in why you include Afghans and Somalis in your post.

There are plenty of Afghans who have no desire whatsoever to be ruled by the Taliban. Without assistance, the Afghan government there would be overrun by the Taleban and things would go back to where they were before. I would assume that most muslims wouldn't wish that on the Afghan population.

Why do you mention Somalis as well?

Islamasaurus said...

Redstar, I think you're mistaken and maybe need to read a little more on the current situation.

The Afghans and Somali's are also living in harsh conditions.

The somali people are still subject to the civil war and poor living conditions.

The Afghan people are living in a country of rubble and unexploded cluster bombs. They are still poor and live in bad conditions. Unislamic tribal customs still run the lives of many. Murder and rape go on, infact moreso now than under the taliban. Opium and other drugs are back on under the new regime. Car bombs continue and people live in fear.

Many Afghans and Iraqi's for that matter preferred it before their countries were invaded.

Unity is the solution.

JazakAllahKher. Wasalam.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Hi, redstar.

Sorry for the late reply, but I got a bit busy. And I mentioned Somalia because of the current condition there, I know personally people who went there to fight the Somalia/Ethiopia war.

As for Afghanistan, Islamasaurus answered that. Afghanis, even the not so religious ones, all prefer that the US leaves. Iraq is also an example, no bodys wants them there.

In fact, in Iraq, people who even opposed Saddam now say things were better under him compared to the US. Atleast they had their basic necessities, water, food, good education system [Iraq had one of the best education systems in the Middle East before US invaded]...

you get the drift.

Fragile Emptiness said...

bring the taliban back in afghanistan to end the misery of people. The Afghanis I have talked to, they have pretty positive things to say for the Taliban regime. SO redstar, I do not know where you are getting your facts from. They brought homosexuals to justice, enforced Sharia and eliminated corruption from the Afgan land. A Muslim could ask for nothing else.

Veiled Muslimah said...

FE - I agree to you with to an extent. I have long supported Taliban to an extent. I feel they have done good to an extent, however, some of their actions are something which I would not support and comes from lack of Islamic knowledge.

For eg, the recent bombing of school and prevention of girls going to school.

InshaAllah I'll write a post on that when the current Gaza siege is over.

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