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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

For the past few days I've been having a persistent toothache. Two of my left teeth have been hurting really badly and I can't figure out why. I really wish it would go away because I can't stop not thinking about it and the pain just borders on being bearable. Also this puts a dent on my eating habits.

It started all of a sudden in the morning one fine day. It could be that I have a cavity in my teeth or I'm having too many sweet things. However I've never had this problem before when it comes to sweet things.

I was hoping it would magically disappear in the upcoming days without me having to do anything but I have a feeling I'll have to visit a dentist and that puts me in another dilemma. I don't know any female dentists and I don't want to go to a male dentist. I'm sure female dentists exist in Dubai but its the searching that will be a hassle. Also I'm so swamped with things right now that I don't think I'll have time to go. [Other then the fact that I'm slightly lazy].


Duas would be appreciated.

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redstar said...

The London Clinic in Dubai has a female dentist, or certainly did a couple of years ago. The General Medical Centre certainly used to as well - they also have a female hygienest, who you'd probably have to see before being referred to the dentist anyway.

Get it sorted :)

MASS said...

Thats what you get for Munching brownies without brushing your teeth!.. kidding

well you could get your oldest nastiest niqab and make make a hole in it big enough to open your mouth.. kidding again

inshaAllah everything goes well for you.. its better you see a dentist earlier.. in the mean time miswak your deeth and you can munch on cloves and keep it in your mouth.

khaki said...

sounds very crappy, hope you recover soon insha Allah!

I can totally understand your not wanting to see a male doc, actually the niqaab with a hole may not be such a bad idea after all! (lol)

Veiled Muslimah said...

Thanks for the info redstar. I think my not researching is partly due to my laziness. Actually I'm hoping the toothache will disappear magically without me having to do anything inshallah. Is this London Clinic somewhere in Jumeirah? [I think I re-call seeing it].

If it doesn't disappear in the next two days then I'll *think* about the dentist [Or if the pain becomes unbearable]. :)

Mass, haha, Actually I just had a triple dare chocolate cake slice today and a strawberry cheese pie. :p

and LOL at the hole in the niqaab! ahha, the image that comes to my mind is hillarious. Anyway Niqaab is just part of the problem. I've been to a male dentist once and I just didn't uh like the whole situation. Anyway, I was reading on things and it mentioned the clove method too so I'm going to try that out inshaAllah. Jazakallah khair.

Khaki, thanks. :) jazakallah khair. I hope so too! I don't like going to dentists, even Women ones, because I'm sure they'll look at every little thing in my mouth and point out all the bad things which i probably am not aware off. :( :O Silly I know, but oh well.

and lol yes, if all else fails, niqaab with a hole it is! [I kid :P], I'm sure there are quite a few female dentists around alhamdulilah, i just need to find [a good] one.

Asma said...

Salaam Sister,

My prayers are with you!!!
I recently went through a root cananl procedure myself so I kow how bad toothaches can be. In the mean time, cloves can be your best friends! May Allah ease youre pain soon Inshallah.

Anonymous said...


I don't know any in Dubai. But in Sharjah there's Sara dental Clinic. The female dentist is Dr. O. Sarala.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Jazakiallahu khairan for the responses everyone.

I had a LOT of people getting back to me alhamdulilah and it was a lot of help. :)

May Allah reward you all.

UmmBlog said...

Must be Wisdom Tooth ..finally someone is growing up..

Anonymous said...

So, did you find a suitable abaya to go to the dentist?


Veiled Muslimah said...

Anonymous: lol, the abaya wasnt ever a problem. The Niqaab was and so was the fact that hes a male dentist. [I don't think I would've gone to a male one even if i was just wearing Hijab]. But thats just me, heh.

Anyway, I found quite a few Women dentists alhamdulilah. [But I havent gone to one yet either].

umzacharia said...

AsSalamu 3alaikum sister

Subhanallah, this is the first time i visited your blog and of course, being the dental hygienist that i am, gravitated to your tooth ache story. Insha Allah, you were able to find a female dentist. had a similar situation with my husband with him in Dubai last year. I had a hard time hunting for a dentist for him and of course was watching over his shoulder every minute making sure he was recieving proper care. Of all the times I've been in dubai I'm going to assume you'll be able to find a female dentist in Jumeria. I'm also going to assume it will probably be a little more pricey in this area as well. Insha Allah, you've already recieved treatment and are feeling much better.

ramadan mubarek!

oh, just remember, you can enjoy all the wonderful sweets you want just make sure you clean your teeth right least with rinsing with alot of water. Its not necessarily how much sugar you eat but how long the sugars are in contact with your teeth. Sorry, hope this isn't out of line.........can't help it. Its only intended for help and care.


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