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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

As we went on with our daily comfortable lives, a Muslim Woman, a Sister, a Mother and a Wife, lay screaming on a prison floor in Bagram Bay, Afghanistan. She has been there for the past five years, brutally tortured, raped and psychologically abused by Soldiers who claim to come from a civilised Country, but in essence are actually animals. So much so, that she is now insane.

There are no special facilities for her, she is told to shower and use the toilet just like all the other Men do.

She is known as the Grey Lady of Bagram and now confirmed to be, Dr. Aaafia Siddiquie, a Pakistani Woman, neuroscientist, a Mother of three children who was imprisoned by American Soliders and shipped to Bagram Bay Prison in Afghanistan. A Prison that is known for its torture and harsh interrogation tactics. Her children have also been missing. She has been charged with connection to Al-Qaeda, shooting at officers and/or having bomb-making instructions. Charges which are absolutely ridiculous.

Other male prisoners in Bagram Bay have not seen her, but they have heard her chilling screams. Moazzem Baig, a former prisoner reported that after he heard her screams, he thought they were from his wife.

Ms. Ridley read the text from the book's section covering Mr. Begg's stay in Bagram, “I began to hear the chilling screams of a woman next door… Why have you got a woman next door? They told me there was no woman. But I was unconvinced. Those screams echoed through my worst nightmares for a long time. And I later learned in Guantanamo, from other prisoners, that they had heard the screams too.”

Subhan'Allah, how can even a so-called 'Muslim' government hand over a Woman to the US, who are known for their torture and abuse? And how can we as Muslims stay silent for so long on this matter?

During the time of Mutassim, a Caliph, when a Muslim Woman who was imprisoned cried out, and it was related to him, he sent a whole army to free her, and yet we stay silent while our Sisters are tortured in secret prisons.

Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki talks about her on his blog:

When some Jews dared to uncover a Muslim woman, it didn’t take long for the banners of the Muslim armies led by the Messenger himself to hover around their fortresses. They where defeated by the Muslim forces, and the entire Jewish Community, (not just the perpetrators) where driven out from Madina — all of them, down to the last man. This is how serious such a matter is.

Centuries later, a Muslim woman was taken prisoner by the Roman Army and called for help from the Abassid Khalifah of the time, al Mu’tasim. He immediately ordered a mobilization of forces and led those forces himself in an attack of Roman territory in response to the call of a single Muslim woman. The response to her plea from the Muslims of that time was the complete severance of diplomatic relations, and Declaration of War against the superpower of the time.

But today, no one knows or even seems to care about this woman who has disappeared into US custody for years.

Aaafia was known to be very active in the Muslim Community. She distributed Qurans in Prisons and Schools in her stay in the US. She organised Dawah tables and wrote guides on how to teach Islam to others. She was described as being a kind Woman.

A Poem was dedicated to her:

A Glorious Dawn…A Better Day

To Dr.Afia Siddiqui - prisoner # 650 in American custody

Another dawn …another day,
Disgrace; insult is thrown our way;
Yet shamelessly on their golden perch
The spineless look Oh how they sway!

As if there is no Lord above,
They with the devil-hand in glove;
Selling our dearest values and souls,
For gold and power – push and shove!

This crime you saw they so denied,
To filthy scum they sold the bride;
Yet the mighty Creator seeing it all
Unveils the gruesome act they hide!

Amongst ravenous wolves the fair one lies,
As from brutish hands she helplessly flies;
A suffering sister sane no more,
Her anguished screams - they rent the skies.

And this is all the pride they boast?
Our tormentors they daily host;
Brothers with whom I shared the cup,
sadly how far apart today we coast!

When comes a ‘Qasim’ to stem this rot?
Of Allah and His Messenger forgot!
Of cheaply selling our heritage which,
With submission and sacrifice was dearly bought.

And yet the brave will go the way,
Afia! Our elders pray, the younger fight-
For a glorious dawn… a better day!

[Fawaz Siddiqui]

Allah Subhanna wa ta'ala says in the Qurán:

And what is the matter with you that you fight not in the cause of Allah and for the oppressed among men, women, and children who say, “Our Lord, take us out of this city of oppressive people and appoint for us from Yourself a protector and appoint for us from Yourself a helper”?

This is exactly what we should be asking ourselves. What is the matter with us that we sit silent when our brothers and sisters and brutally tortured. Especially our Sisters, our Mothers. Aaafia could have been any of us and it is our right and duty to help her in any way we can.

Allahumma fukka kayda asrana wa asral muslimeen!

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muslimahh said...

This is so sad. I don't know what to say.

redstar said...

Most Westerners think this situation is disgraceful as well.

There is, without doubt, a threat of terrorism and a threat to many people's way of life - from the average observant Afghan from the Taliban, to Muslims and people of all kinds of religions and beliefs in all kinds of countries from many different groups, Islamic or otherwise.

Those threats need to be addressed, but situations like this remove the moral highground from the governments involved and simply foment more unrest, fueling the situation instead of solving it.

If someone is arrested, charge them and take them to trial. Torture and imprisonment in this way - of anyone - is unacceptable.

I understand why you see this situation as being particularly grievous as the woman in question is a Muslim. Personally I think this is unacceptable, regardless of someone's religious beliefs.

I would also suggest - though this doesn't make this woman's situation any better - that the people imprisoning her don't see her as a Muslim, they see her as a criminal or terrorist.

Veiled Muslimah said...

muslimahh - I know. :( The least we can do is make dua.

Redstar - I agree with you that if someone is charges with something, they need to be put on trial instead of being unjustly abused and tortured like this.

I would be grieved if it was any Woman, regardless if she was Muslim or not, but the fact that she is makes it worse. Also, it isn't just her, countless other innocent people have been shipped to secret prisons since this so-called war on terror started and till this day some of the whereabouts are unknown.

Secondly, there was a recent article released about how most of the Women in the US military have been sexually abused by their own Men. If they treat their own Women like that, I shudder to think what they do prisoners.

Update on Aaafia siddiqui: She has been extradited to the US.

Anonymous said...

I find your post interesting. You are completely deluded by religion. One day you will realize that you are nothing but a tool of powerful men who use religion to influence weak minded people and achieve their own ends for power and influence. The fact that you believe only makes me feel sorry for you.

All these points about the protection of women etc. by the Caliph - understand that politics is about money and personal power. Even the Caliph was after the main concern of increasing his own wealth and power. Of course it helps when stupid people believe that he is God's representative - so there is no one who will challenge his authority. It's not new - it's been done a thousand times in every religion - yours is not that unique or special.

Better you come out from behind your idealistic shroud and see the world for what it is. Your quotes only show that you have adopted a very sheltered view that sees only the good in your religion while completely ignoring the fact that your people were responsible for exterminating various Jewish tribes - for totally doctored reasons - and the main aim was to get these people's wealth and to steal their women. Is that your definition of honour. Of course not. That's why you need to convince yourself after committing an atrocity that those people were evil. Otherwise how would you live with yourself?

They fact that you try to justify this as some sort of God given right is all the more idiotic.

I have a prayer that you will become strong enough to make your mind by seeing ALL the sides of the truth. Then you will have the power to perceive objectively what is happening. When you believe something, you have already become prejudiced - the Truth will ever elude you. I do believe you are a sincere person, so I hope that you are not misled by others. Give up your prejudice and see clearly the truth, which is not viewed from one angle alone, but by balance, and reflection from different perspectives. The few who can rise above their own prejudice are the only ones to be counted amongst the wise.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the Jewish tribes were not attacked because they "dared to lift" some woman's veil. The Jewish tribes were merchantile traders that previously co-existed with the Arabs in pre-islamic times. When the early Islamic empire was expanding, they needed more money to finance the empire.

The Jews were singled out because they were wealthy due to their skillful trading and not fighters or warriors so they early islamic decision makers saw the opportunity to generate new revenues through war. As well, the Jews were skeptical about the various teachings and not good candidates for forcible conversion into the psychological orthodoxy that pervaded the Islamic empire. All these facts were the primary motives behind the acts of war - the other reasons like "lifting the veil" were simply the excuse that was needed to rally the troops.

Now let's go to the Islamic schism. When the empire was expanding at first it was small, but it grew in size and continued it's expansion. Of course after the founder's death, the helm of control passed to the lieutenants. Now as I said earlier, the lieutenants each vied to become the next king or Caliph - thereby coveting power for themselves. There was a question of transition of power and in this case the lieutenants eventually turned to war. This war resulted in fragmentation which gave rise over time to the two different sects of Islamic thought - ie Shia and Sunni.

The fact is that over time, the incident becomes the legend. The man becomes the god. The story become shrouded in mystical interpretation. Now, people like you come to believe in divine providence - all the time fundamental rules of man and nature are the true actors and motivators. You unfortunately are not able to see this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Anonymous,
I find your both posts even more interesting. Well you are so prejudiced and deluded by hate against one religion, that you could not even realize that this was a post for Dr Aafia Ahmen, and not a post to spit out your insanity, narrow-mindedness, discrimination and bias against one religion.
Well if you ever like to come out of your shell of hate, bigotry and intolerance against one religion, you may post a comment regarding Dr Aafia Siddiqui.
And I can tell, it would yet another masterpiece of partiality and prejudice.

Anonymous said...

The least thing we can do is make Dua for her May Allah decreases her physical as well as soul pain ,May Allah endow her mountainous courage and edurance to meet this assay from Allah All Mighty Ameen ya rub ul al ameen ,i saw her pic lately on TV she looked in severe condition ,Do we have any Qasim in this age ?

*BoLd MoDeStY* said...

Do WE have any Qasim ? sis on which basis muslimahs are raising up their muslim kids what will you predict about any future Qasim sis ?

Veiled Muslimah said...

Anonymous at 8:37pm and 9:37pm, I didn't reply to your posts earlier, simply because one, I didn't have time and I realised no matter we actually did discuss we wouldn't change our views and neither would be come to any agreement, simply because although you accuse me of being prejudiced and brainwashed, you yourself show similar characteristics which can be spotted in your posts.

Also Anonymous number 2's reply was very apt, so I don't really need to say anything.

Veiled Muslimah said...

May Allah subhanna wa ta'ala grant her and other prisoners release. Ameen.

I heard her kidney was taken out and she is in a very weak condition. I really really hope she gets better soon and is released.

Besides making dua, do whatever you are able to. Including writing to whatever orgnanisations or government posts you can to protest against her imprisonment. Especially to the Pakistani/US ones. Participate in any rallies or protests you are able to and spread the word about her and other Muslim Prisoners.

Also I agree with the fact that we need to raise our children to protect this Ummah and to stand out for the truth against all odds.

Veiled Muslimah said...

The imprisonment of her and other Muslim Sisters especially represents the condition the Muslim Ummah is in today. Because the honour of the Muslim Women in Islam is very high and she is respected and protected. If the enemy of Islam can do something like this and get away with to our Sisters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and other places, then it shows the condition of our Men and our Ummah.

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