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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

We had a meeting the other day where all the Sisters gathered at Kalemah [Islamic Center] to discuss the upcoming Islamic Summer camp. I've been going to this center a lot and it's become like second home, with the Qurán, Tajweed and Tafseer classes. The feeling of being there is ultimately different and very beautiful, simply, I think, it is because it is a place where we all gather for the sake of Allah subhanna wa ta'ala. And I've become very close to some of the Sisters there.

After lunch at Kalemah a friend and I decided to go to City Center for coffee and check out the sales. The Dubai Summer sales are on everything gets discounted. Although I live near City Center [A Mall], I don't go there much and sometimes months pass by and I don't go. The reason[s] for this is one, it is always too crowded and secondly, it is a place of fitna. The clothes some Women wear these days never fail to amaze me. [And I'm sure the Men are amazed ten times more].

So we finally went there, and after a few minutes, I started feeling this feeling of being very disheartened. I asked my friend if she felt the same way, and she said she did. A feeling that maybe it was the wrong decision, coming here. We felt that we were slightly sticking out, especially with our Niqaabs. Slightly off-topic, is it just me or are there less Women adopting Niqaab these days? Or maybe they've stopped frequenting City Center too... heh.

How some people are dressed, is extremely shocking. I know Dubai has become pretty westernised and liberal compared to a couple of years ago, but it never fails to shock me when I see someone walking around half-naked. Or even if they're wearing clothes, they are so fitted that it leaves nothing to the imagination. This is, after all, still a Muslim City.

I then remembered something a friend of mine had said a few days ago to me. That I was basically, 'living in my own World'. The statement was regarding me not going out and about beyond a few malls [Mainly Dubai Festival City - calm and less crowded] and other places that I frequent and not being aware of all that was happening around me. And to an extent, I realised it was true. I guess the reason I was shocked was because I'd built up a routine without realising it, of me either staying at home, mixing with only the religious crowd, or going for my Islamic classes and attending lectures. And the max I stay out is 10 [Even that is slightly stretching it]. Basically, I've been living in my own cocoon.

When people sometimes talk about the ills of Dubai, they still manage to surprise me. [And that surpises them because they expect me to know it all]. I'm not surpsied because I'm denying it, but because it is always shocking. I know that clubbing, prostitution and the drinking of alcohol happens quite frequently here but I guess when you're not exposed to it so much and finally see it happening, it is intensely appalling.

No wonder so many Shyookh and people of knowledge have reported to have seen dreams of the torment of Allah subhanna wa ta'ala hitting Dubai.

So maybe I *am* living in my own World and need to get out more, but I think considering the fitna that surrounds us these days, I'd rather not. Heh.

And Allah subhanna wa ta'ala knows best.

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zaytuna said...

Subhan Allah, I can very much relate to this post. I find my self living in denial most of the time.. The real world doesn't really seem very appealing if you know what I mean.

And City center is totally off limits these days! People always bump into me, it's horrible!
Festival City is the best, hope it stays that way. InshAllah.
It's strange how worlds vary in the same country. Halaqas on one hand, and malls on the other.
Everything is out there, not only here but everywhere, I guess it all depends on our choices and what WE want in our lives. said...

"No wonder so many Shyookh and people of knowledge have reported to have seen dreams of the torment of Allah subhanna wa ta'ala hitting Dubai."

This is the scariest thing I've read in a while. May Allah forgive us and save us from his wrath. Ameen

Veiled Muslimah said...

Zaytuna, It's sad how it's gotten though. Lol, If i have to go to CC, I usually go in the mornings. Argh, it's like, half the world goes there. :-/ DFC is definitely so much better. And peaceful.

And I definitely agree with the last bit, it is upto us what choices we make.

Islamblog: It is, isn't it? :$ And it isn't one, but quite a few people who have narrated the same thing, one of them I know personally. Ameen to the duas.

Shelina said...


Sis I know exactly what you mean ..Dubai has changed alot...I miss the old days where there were less buildings, less competition, and more peace it has changed...Before I could go to City Center whenever but now I barely go there..I have to try out DFC ..I haven't been there yet ..Inshallah but I guess even I'm in my own little world.. I barely go out, when I do it's to get something and as a teenager that sometimes can be unhealthy but I really have nothing else to do so I just stay home and study and Learn about Islam ..Sometimes it feels like I'm in just another western country ..Ameen to the dua's and Jazakillah khair for posting on your blogs..I spent my time everyday just coming here and reading..Walaikumasalam

MASS said...

one of my Dad's closest friends use to be a major building Contractor in the Emirates i think in the late 70s when it was basically a desert and hardly any foreigners were there..

he is just absolutly digustingly astonished about the changes and keeps telling me Allah will destory Dubai for what they are doing.

Serendipity said...

"No wonder so many Shyookh and people of knowledge have reported to have seen dreams of the torment of Allah subhanna wa ta'ala hitting Dubai."

This is scarry. I have heard of muslim families who migrated to Dubai from the west, hoping to find a suitable muslim environment for their children. But after living here a while, they decided to leave. Do you know what reason they gave for leaving? They said that they fear the wrath of Allah on this place & don't wanna be here when it happens!!
May Allah guide & protect us all.

emma said...

salams sister

this Kalimah center is in Dubai?
can you tell me more about it please?

Veiled Muslimah said...

Shelina, Wa Alaykumsalam,

Welcome to my blog. :) And Jazakiallahu khairan. I'm glad you like what you read. I totally get you, it can be hard, but in my opinion it is better to stay away from fitan, and I miss the old Dubai too :)

Mass, my own Dad says that quite often. :$ The thing is, its changed drastically in a short period of time. and there has been a major move towards westernisation/secularisation.

Serendipity, Ive heard similar cases too. and its kinda sad, considering this is a muslim city/country and should be open to Muslims who are migrating.

emma, yep its in dubai. this is there site,, if you're interested, they have friday night reflections, where there is an islamic lecture every friday night.

abu_hind said...

I really dont see a reason to be shocked or to be sad really. After all zina's become very'd be shocked to know what happens in places like PKland, let alone dubai.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Abu Hind, I dunno. I guess if you aren't exposed to it a lot, it always tends to shock you, even though it *is* happening in your own backyard. And besides, it's different when you 'know' something and when you actually 'see' or 'experience' it. :$ Over all, its sad. Sigh.

khaki said...

So true, niqaab is so looked down upon sometimes... the skimpy and revealing outfits are truly disgusting! Places like MoE & CC are wayyy out. Although DFC and to a certain extent Wafi and Burjuman are still better.

May Allah protect us all from His wrath- Amen

Safiyyah said...

i agrew with your shock at the dressing these days, the mall i like to frequent is ibn batuta as i live on this side of the world, very family orientated.

just came across your blog. interesting

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