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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

This is the latest talk of the town in Dubai. It's utterly disgusting, and I really really hope she gets what she deserves.

It reminds of the various ahadith which mention that people will start committing illegal sexual intercourse on the streets and immoral activities will be spread. And then the hour will come. Subhan'Allah, this is happening in a Muslim Country. Wa - iyadhbillah.

A British businesswoman is facing six years in a foreign jail after she was allegedly caught having drunken sex on a beach in Dubai.

Michelle Palmer, manager of a publishing firm, was arrested after a police officer reportedly found her and a British holidaymaker in a compromising position on Jumeirah Beach in the Arab state.

The 30-year-old is thought to have been charged with having sex outside marriage - considered an offence in Dubai - as well as indecent behaviour in public, being drunk in public, and assaulting a police officer.

Miss Palmer told the Sun that she fears she will be 'made an example of' under the strict laws of a country where even mild public displays of affection are frowned upon.

She faces and her fellow accused face a sentence of between three months and six years in jail in the state, one of seven that makes up the United Arab Emirates.

She told the newspaper: "Because this is known everywhere they're going to make an example of us and we're going to get a higher sentence.

"We are in so much trouble and my family and everybody are affected. Until someone is in this situation they could never know what it's like. It's bad - it's so, so bad.

"They are being pushed into a corner to make an example of us. I'm panicking - my mum is on anti-depressants. I can't say anything else. I've got to go."

Miss Palmer, is said to been drinking champagne during a brunch with colleagues last Friday before agreeing to go for a walk on the beach with a friend of a colleague.

When the pair were allegedly found having sex by a policeman, he is said to have let them off with a caution. However, later, after the couple were discovered in the same position, they were arrested, and Miss Palmer is said to have become aggressive.

The exclusive residential area, which boasts a number of luxury hotels, is popular with Western expatriates. Although alcohol is available to non-Muslims in hotel bars, it is an offence to drink or be drunk in public.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "Two British nationals were arrested in Dubai. The case is currently under investigation.'
What I find more pathetic is that she is actually trying to defend herself and get people to sympathise with her. Utterly disgusting.


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Habayeb said...

Yes, it IS utterly disgusting for defending herself when she's done sumthin so wrong....but wat about Dubai? Why is it allowing alcohol in Bars? Why is it giving a chance to ppl to be drunk n do such stuff? Yeah alcohol maybe illegally brought in too but why not make the rules strict and give severe punishment to those bringing it? It really disgusts me that ppl running this country who are *muslims* know that its haraam in islam but still allow it in the country.

Curious said...

You just can't wait to stone her to death, can you?

Hamna said...
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Veiled Muslimah said...

Habayeb, I agree. It is hypocritical, alcohol shouldn't be sold in the first place.

Curious, what gave you that impression? Anyway, don't you think doing something like that, keeping morals and values in mind, on a open public place is a pathetic and disgusting act?

Anonymous said...

her act was soooooooo stupid... she was warned first time but no, she didn't listen... now is everyone else guilty...

*~Ange~* said...

besides all this alcohol selling thing (i agree by the way)
i think she is soo stupid and deserves her punishment for doing this in an islamic country..
i mean come ooonnn... its not even legal to do it in western countries...
she is a very stupid woman...

Curious said...

"...I really really hope she gets what she deserves"

What is, in your opinion, an appropiate punishment?

khaleejia said...

abt this (shame on these ppl) case who doesn't respect Islamic laws especially in Islamic country should be punished. For me i just feel proud of uAE sistem that let you be free and the same time protected. mean if enyone try to touch you by his finger will get in jail or be sent out. i speak in general but sure there are exceptions in everything

Anonymous said...

The woman made a mistake.
She was drunk, and because of that her sense of judgement was affected.
I think that six years in jail is a bit extreme. I also bet that since she's a woman she will get a harsher sentence than the man.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Curious, what I think is irrelevant. But now I understand what you were referring to previously. If UAE was a Country that practiced Islamic Law [Shariah] then her punishment would be drastically different. Fornication/Adultery, especially done in public is a major major offence and sin in Islam. Maybe to some people it isn't so shocking anymore, but to us it still is.

In this case, when I said I hope she gets what she deserves I meant the six years in jail that are being said to be her punishment.

Khaleejia, I agree with you khaleejia, its really sad when people do such things, and openly even without considering the consequences. :S

anonymous, the woman made a mistake? Im sure she knew what she was doing, how can you possibly do something like THAT without realizing that you're doing it? Concerning her drinking, it could be argued that she shouldn't be drinking and be out then, because its against the law. Anyway, I don't think 6 years is too extreme, if she gets away with this, others will think its 'okay' to do something like this.

The only way the guy will get a lesser punishment is because if he was a tourist here or had a visa. If you'll notice that is what the article said, and it also says in the article that they both will get punished.

Anyway, the recent is that they might get married to avoid the sentence.

khaleejia said...

salam sis.i want to add here,yesterday i informed my hubby abt this case u know what he said?! he could not believe that it was really happened with British woman!!! he made me to re-check the information (may-be ukranian or other but can't be British). when i opened finally info-sites he really got shock, not abt the case but mostly that Muslim country commit judgment on the british person! for most Arabs countries american and British to say...non touchable or some word with same meaning! so it is big fest for all of us Arabs and Muslims as well!p.s. she called officer who tried to arrest her f****** muslim! so now its our turn to show who is really f****** b**ch. sorry for being a bit rude:P

S.E.A. NiQaBi said...

Salamz sister,

Subhanallah, at the rate that these types of stories are being published it is obvious that the end of the world is near.

May Allah SWT help us all, show us & guide us along the right path.

These type of people not only have no respect for themselves, they have no respect for other people & they have no self-worth.

They will keep on doing these shameful acts in order to sway our faith. These acts will be far more rampant in the future because they will not stop until they know we have lost our faith.

Even with strict laws in place to protect people, it is not enough because it is up to the people themselves who are able to control their nafs & intentions.

These people should get their heads examined after they complete their punishment. If they are not in an animal state (since only animals like to "mate" in public) then maybe they should be released otherwise let them sit in prison or wherever they end up!

Abul Layth said...

Does she really want sympathy? This idiot commits a crime in a foreign country, then ignores a "warning" - she could have atleast hid her crime against God's laws, but because she is so arrogant, she felt that she could get away with polluting a Muslim land with her atrocious Zinaa.

What an idiot! Seriously, just an idiot. She deserves whatever punishment she gets. Be sure and follow up with this story!

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum:

The sale and consumption of alcohol is not permitted for Muslims or by a "Muslim" country. We are not even allowed to serve alcohol or sell it to non-Muslims.

Yes, it is very hypocritical. What do they expect? They make "special" unIslamic rules for people visiting the country and do not expect all the associated problems that accompany such a haraam thing.

My friend just returned to Dubai after a long absence. She was shocked. This is happening all over the so-called "Muslim" world. Another Palestinian friend of mmine recently went to Jordan and was equally shocked.

Yes, the Last Day is near; we are starting to see many of the signs.

As for the British, well, the Emirates and the British have been in bed with each other since the BEGINNING of the formation of the Emirates.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

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