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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

This is a video I came across, called, 'Whisperings from Shaytan - Don't wear Hijab properly'.

Apart from me finding it a little funny for some reason, it does actually have a very important message to give. There are a large number of Women who although may don Hijab, don't do it properly or don't do it for the right reasons. A lot of Women, especially girls tend to fall into the entrapments of Shaytan when it comes to wearing Hijab.

On a side note, I'd like to add that a lot of girls who first delve into the world of Hijab are hesitant about it, especially if they don't have a strong backing or support and therefore the Hijab starts out as a half-hijab or the small ones. We shouldn't be judgmental of these Women and insha'allah, make dua that they start wearing Hijab properly.


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Sairah said...

Okay, my favorite part was how Shaytan was depicted as a gay fashion designer. XD Like, the way he walked to wards her when he was talking about how the hijab doesn't have to cover the whole head. XD

Lol, I know I shouldn't be laughing at it, but I did find it amusing.

Btw, thanks for your comment on my blog- I know, that woman already had her mind made up about Islam. >.<

Anonymous said...


They speak of war. They speak of extermination. They speak of conversion. Of death. Of remaking the world in their image.

Let them speak. Let their own words inspire a resistance and counter-attack to the Jihad. Let them bury their own graves with their hate.

I do not propose we reason with them. Those proposals have been made, and if they are successful, they are successful because of better men than myself.

I do not propose we come to terms with them. For to come to terms between civilization and barbarity is to leave yourself in the medieval world where one “comes to terms” with the conflicting arguments for the roundness and flatness of the planet.

I do not propose we convert them. For we can never be sure of their sincerity. Let those who wish to leave Islam do so on their own and by the efforts of better men than myself. I am not usually persuasive. Conversions are not my strong point. But now I must try, with all honesty, attempt to convert YOU. To convert you away from the notion of coexistence with Muslims. From the notion that they’re just like us, only “misguided”. That they just need some time to modernize. No, no no. Not from where I’m sitting.

Here’s what I do propose:

The goal of eliminating Islam from the planet, and to mete out harsh punishment to those who would resist that, be they Muslim or otherwise. I hope such an elimination be done peacefully. Event after event after event, after yet another mosque exposed to be radical, after another school of Islam justifying beheadings and violence, after more native French citizens raped by the Muslim thugs for no other reason than being “Infidels”… After all that, I hope in vain.

Therefore I propose an answer to the likes of Al-Queda, Hamas, and Hezbolla. I propose “converts” to Islam who will not just spy on the mosque activities, but those who will take the law into their own hands and punish the jihad encouragers physically. Outside and independently of the law, of the police. They will not help. Don’t count on them.

I propose the demolition of mosques. The psychological terrorism of Muslims in western countries. People describe them as immigrants, or converts, or potential threats. Here’s how I would decribe them: HOSTAGES. You, western Muslims, are surrounded by seas of infidels in many places of the world. I call upon those infidels to harshly use them as bargaining chips to win rights for Arab Christians and atheists and others under Islam’s cruel thumb. For Israel. And should the Mohameddan tribes fail to deliver, I call upon those infidels to make an example of what happens when you anger the Free World past a point of no return. When you declare a war of extermination on those who received you and helped you and gave you freedoms and opportunities unheard of in your “righteous” Islamic societies. When you declare that our mothers and sisters are indecent whores for exposing their hair. When you condemn terrorism in English and then applaud and promote it in Arabic.

I propose eliminating Muslims, one way or another, from Western countries. And afterwards, I propose taking the battle to Islamic countries. Just as they grow their jihads underground here, So you may fight your crusade under their noses there. Demolish mosques. Intimidate. Do what is necessary.

Fight battles you can win. Gather intelligence. Gather strength. Don’t go the route of the suicidal fanatic dying for his cause. As a famous military commander put it:


Make it happen. Exterminate this vile religion from the world. Without the help of the State. Don’t bother lobbying, going on the news, writing op-eds, and so on. Other people do so, and this article is not geared towards those. It is geared towards a more action-minded audience. Geared towards people who will do what is necessary to protect what is precious. Offend, insult, and demolish nothing but Islam. Be kind to Sikhs, even though they wear turbans and have beards. Accept and respect Hindus, atheists, agnostics, Jews, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, socialists, libertarians, conversatives, liberals, and so on. All but Muslim are welcome. All but Muslim are fully human.

Unless of course, you want your children and grandchildren to know nothing but the misery of Islam. Of regression. Of lies. Of intellectual and moral bankruptcy. Of a life decrepit and short and painful. For that is what Islam will bring. Don’t be fooled by their kindness. It is a mirage. Make them know that they are not welcome anywhere on the planet as long as they adhere to Islam.

If you feel that hurting Muslim feelings is too much, then don’t bother. Go ahead, defend Islam. Defend those who would kill you for failing to convert to their Religion of Peace.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Anonymous: I'm not sure what why you posted that on my blog.

Anyway, I read it, and it sounds like the person is filled with hatred and brainwashed. Sad really, I felt pity for the person. It is scary we have such people who exist in the world. What got me this was:

"Make it happen. Exterminate this vile religion from the world. Without the help of the State. Don’t bother lobbying, going on the news, writing op-eds, and so on. Other people do so, and this article is not geared towards those. It is geared towards a more action-minded audience. Geared towards people who will do what is necessary to protect what is precious. Offend, insult, and demolish nothing but Islam. Be kind to Sikhs, even though they wear turbans and have beards. Accept and respect Hindus, atheists, agnostics, Jews, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, socialists, libertarians, conversatives, liberals, and so on. All but Muslim are welcome. All but Muslim are fully human."

Very vile and hateful, I hope some sensibility enters the persons mind.

Anonymous said...

Veiled muslimah, I think it is you who are brainwashed and filled with hatred, although you don't know it and won't admit it to yourself.

I am not the same Anonymous who posted that long message, although I agree 100% with him or her.

I am a different Anonymous. I am one of millions, of billions of Anonymouses who see this travesty religion for what it is.

It started out as just a bunch of words and phrases scribbled by a violent, warlike insane person about 1400 years ago, and through the violence of one man and his brainwashed followers, transformed itself into a worldwide belief system that uses people's inner sense of inferiority and shame to trick them into turning their inner hatred outward on others, and trying to transform the world in their image, so they can escape their own inner sense of inferiority and shame.

No wonder it has had such a big effect on so many people, it is the paramount psychological ruse which uses the human brain's own weaknesses to construct a very powerful, but false, belief system that gives people a sense of moral superiority -- false, of course, and doomed to failure -- but supremely powerful nonetheless.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Warlike, insane person? You know NOTHING about the greatest man to walk this Earth, the Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wasallam. He brought about social reform at that time, stopped adultery, the burial of female chidlren and changes the way the people thought. He encourages education and kindness and giving in charity.

You have absolutely no idea about Islam or the message it preaches. If you agree with Anonymous one, and his message, it just shows me what you accuse Islam to be, you yourself follow something similar. A hateful ideology. That person called for the terminations of Muslims, who make up one of the second largest [and recently Muslims passed catholicism in quantity] religious population of the World.

What Anonymous one called for, and you agreed and supported, was the killing of millions and billions of people, Men, Women and children who work, eat, sleep and are human just like you are, who have a life, a family. Their only 'problem', they believe in One God.

The light and message of Islam will never be wiped out.

Now who is the hateful and brainwashed person here?

Anonymous said...

I definitely do not agree with Anonymous One on the killing of Muslims. I am an agnostic person of Western, secular, Christian background. I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, as well as most of the philosophers of the West (starting from the Greeks and going to the Enlightenment in Europe)... I also believe in the teachings of Buddha, Marx, and others. I do NOT believe in violence.

Still, I think Islam, just as Judaism, is a great impediments to peace. It is not coincidence that Islam and Judaism sprung from the same Semitic roots. The two are one in the same!! The principal peoples of Judaism and Islam are the same (Semites), the philosophies are both exclusionistic (although admittedly Judaism and Jews have contributed much more in terms of science, arts, thinking, and business)... All violence is wrong. It is no coincidence, though, that the Semites (Jews and Arabs who are exactly the same race) are the number one perpetrators of violence in the world.

If you do not believe that the Jews and the Arabs are the same exact people, racially, look in the mirror and compare yourself with a Jew!

The Hebrew and Arabic languages are two dialects of the same "Afro-Asiatic" language family which originated in Africa, when black Africans marched out of Africa and went into the Middle East to genetically mingle with Central Asian Mongols. And the result is the Semitic, Afro-Asiatic people. Light brown skin, dark curly or wavy hair, dark eyes.

They shouldn't be killed, gassed or hanged. They should be converted into secularism by mass media. I say, the West should buy 100,000 radio and TV stations in the Middle East, by peaceful means or by coercion, and broadcast Britney Spears and the Rolling Stones there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on all channels, until "Islam" and "Judaism" are ended. Not the people, but the false religions which victimize and brutalize the people!

pathwayofdevotion said...

Yeah I had seen this on youtube's sad to know that many people actually feel this way when putting on the hijab.
I = <3 Hijab :)

masha'Allah I really like your blog sister. Keep up the good work and May (swt) grant you jannat-ul-firdaws.

Anonymous said...

I am the first anonymous, the one that posted the matchingislam thing.

Yea, Muslimah, you got it right. You worship One God -- THAT is our problem.

and i said violent if necessary. peaceful if muslims cooperate or don't start a fuss. whether i would approve of violence in the eradication of islam would depend on whether muslims start violence in defense of islam.

if they do, i have no problem with violence. if not, good for them.

Naeem said...

Salaam Alaykum, sister.

while I appreciate your good intentions in following Islaam, i feel that you are too restrictive on yourself. Please contact me at the following email:

to further discuss more liberal interpretations of the modesty/hijab ruling so that you are not burdening yourself beyond necessity. And I must be honest, I feel that you are.

God bless, Sister.

Anonymous said...

I am the Second Anonymous, I am Mr. Yacub, the Great One.

The fallacy of the 'modesty' restrictions in Islam is that they are fake. The concept of modesty in dress and other things was very big, and popular, like a fad, in the 7th century when Islam was created. So Islam did not want to be different. They wanted to go along for the ride, and be respected and revered like the other Religions of the Book, Judaism and Christianity. So Islam imitated those two Religions, and tried to go one step further, in enforcing a stronger degree of modesty and anti-sexuality (sexual modesty and sexual prohibitions), so that people would say, "Oooooh, they are very Holy. Let us revere and respect them!!"

American Muslima Writer said...

OMG! Why on Earth did you let these low lives post on your blog? They are totally clueless to the blessings of Allah. It's good you're countering them but they will only refute again with their veiled knowledge that Allah has not let them see yet. You know they will dance themselves in circles trying to pursuade you and others that Islam is demented yeah right. That was laughable that we will all throw away our Islmaic Beliefs just for watching britney spears and seeing naked woman/men. HELLO we are poeple we have bodies that we share lawfuly with our spouses and we can DO anything (except anal) with so Ms. Britney aint got anything I don't got so why would I corrupt my soul and go to Hell for following their corruptions? Give me a break! Pathetic reasoning. I used to be Atheist, agnostic, and X-tian so I know where it's all coming from I'm just sad they don't see the light yet. Make du'a for them. As to the stuff said about Prophet Muhammad they are ignorant. In an AMerican Survey/List Prophet Muhammad was the greatest Leaders to live in history.
As for the person who says about we should have liberal hijabs yeah right! The point of hijab is the freedom of wearing it to cover all if we want. I don't buy this BS! about it was just for the times. We are ordered to cover because it is RIGHT to do so. We can cover as much as we want. Some of us LOve to cover all not because we are deluded but because it is RIGHT. Why don't you athiests go walking down the street naked? Because that little voice stops you teling you it's wrong! You wear t-shirts and jeans for the same reason we wear hijabs and jilbabs. Just our little voice inside tells us to cover more. Like the difference of those who wear bikini to the beach and those who wear one peice or just t-shirt and jeans... differnt levels of modesty.
As for Islam being like Judism you're right. The source is the same though the laws are different. Just like Prophet Jesus was brought to the MIDDLE EASTERN PEOPLE (idiots who think Prophet Jesus is AMerican or European) to afirm the laws of the Jews and to inspire the people to renew their benefits of worshipping ONE GOD. Prophet Jesus did not come with new laws he was to uphold the laws of the Jews. And he warned of a Prophet after him IN THE BIBLE. A prophet like Moses who will speak words not of his own. Prophet Muhammad's words came from God through the messenger of Gabriel the highest Angel. Just as Jesus's mother Mary was talked to by Gabriel. SOmetimes Christians forget (convieniently) the similarities between the religions and only focus on the badside of how some people enterpret Islam. WE muslims don't look to people for our ISLAM we look to the source which is GOD the GREATEST.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Assalam Alaykum AMW,

:) Glad to see you here. Jazakalla khair for your comment and insight.

Actually I was thinking of moderating comments, but i thought better of it, incase I don't get time to come and actually let them in and in the midst the good comments would be lost too. Also, i don't want people thinking im denying anything.

I would've replied to them... eventually. lol, actually i got really lazy in the middle and now im busy, i havent had time. also i know they're going to go in circles, its what they're known for. ;)

Hope to read more of your comments,


Kashif said...

Whatever that anonymous guy said shows his mental condition,how unstable it is!
Please Muslims dont take him seriously he just needs a shrink,he's ill and Veiled Muslimah I would like to congratulate you for writing such a beautiful blog.
JazakAllah khair.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Kashif: Yep, it defenitely is. I thik anyone who reads it knows calling for the complete annihilation of one community based on their religion is ridiculous.

Barakallah feek for the compliment. And thank-you for visting/commenting. :)

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