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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

It's been ages since I last posted. Two months to be exact. I have come back from my little unexpected hiatus, there were too many things to do and honestly, I'd lost the inclination to blog for sometime. I had a Wedding to attend last month and quite a few other things that I needed to get sorted. I also got terribly sick in between, and amidst fainting spells and fever, blogging didn't quite have a chance. I had in fact started a post, but I found that I couldn't make myself complete it, so I let it go.

I don't have anything particularly interesting to add right now, except that I've realised a certain habit of mine. When I'm stressed about studying or other things, I tend to eat more then I usually do to avoid the situation. Now this can prove to be fatal, because you don't get your problems solved by avoiding them and secondly, looking at how most Women have a slow metabolism and store fat more quicker, I'll be putting on weight. [And who wants to be doing that?] All those gym work-outs and cooking healthy food for myself will go to waste if I keep on indulging in Chocolate Chip Ice-cream from Baskin Robins every time I get stressed.

Before I leave, I'd like to share a quote that I'd come across:

It is reported from Al-Fudayl ibn ‘Ayyaad that he said:

"If you can be unknown, do so. It doesn’t matter if you are not known and it doesn’t matter if you are not praised. It doesn’t matter if you are blameworthy according to people if you are praiseworthy with Allaah, Mighty and Majestic."

Al-Bayhaqi, Az-Zuhd Al-Kabeer p.100

I found this to be excellent advice, and very profound. Because as Muslims, there will always come a time where you will be tested in your faith. And secondly, it is the nature of Man to want acceptance and fame, and sometimes what the society around you considers 'normal' will not always go hand-in-hand with your faith.

In the end, the acceptance of Allah azza wa jal, to whom we will all return, is all that truly matters.


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Sairah said...

Salaam alaikum! Sorry to hear about your fainting spells- I've never been that sick before. Glad to hear you're doing better, alhamdulillah.

Food = my downfall. -_-' Figuratively speaking. =P

Veiled Muslimah said...

Wa Alaykumsalam Warahmutallah,

Yeah, I've discovered that i need to take care of myself extra when i get fever, some fluids/substances in my body tend to go low and that causes me to... faint. Not a nice feeling i tell you.

Thanks for asking though. :)

Lol, I was eating pretty healthy and then I got sick, after I got well everything went down the hill. Heh. I'm thinking of baking a Chocolate cake on Sunday, and then insha'allah, i shall go back to my 'eat healthy' regime. [Inshallah] One can only hope. ;)

American Muslima Writer said...

Heh I go through this trauma daily of not eating comfort foods
see my ( blog ) And when I'm sick i too get faining spells ugh. The best thing to do is sit down where ever you are with forhead on knees and relax and call for a glass of sugar water.
Glad to see you back up and blogging because I just found you and like what I read :)
Very profound quote there. I'm gonna borrow it and use it in my next blog, it has inspired me. Thanks :)

Veiled Muslimah said...


Thanks, american muslima writer. I shall try and update frquently insha'allah.


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