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I found this article on the net somewhere. Mashallah it's a good reminder for us Sisters' even though i do agree it has generalised quite a bit. We do have alhamdulilah good Muslim Sisters present in this Ummah.
May Allah subhanna wa taála make us better Muslims. Ameen.
O Women of the Ummah!

By: Umm Azzam, Sawt al-Jihaad

I entered a large society. I walked through its districts and roamed its squares. I wanted to explore its condition and discover its hiding places. I realized that there is no need to explore or to discover, for its doors are open and its secrets exposed.

So i asked about my fellow sisters. I saw them deceived by fake appearances, tried with attractive looks, running after new trends with fake slogans, competing with each other so each one could say, "I am the best."

You see them walking freely in the markets, lost in the streets, wasting money; and at weddings they are clothed but naked, everyone of them shows off her expensive dress, her high heels, and her diamond jewelry set.

You see them wearing a new dress at every gathering, and with every dress a new phone, and they vie with each other with their phones, and in their brilliant colors, and their advanced styles.

We see the the extravagance and wastefulness, and the heedlessness without any reminders.

They closed the doors upon themselves and pulled their curtains so they do not get disturbed by hot air or dirtying dust; or by disturbing wailing, painful cries, loud noise or burning fire. It is like they were created for themselves, they've been deceived by the dunya and its fancy glitter and its temporary enjoyments, and forgotten or were made to forget that they have a family other than their real family, brothers other than their real brothers.

They are tied to them by the best humanly bonds; those who are expelled from their homes, their hearts defeated and their money stolen.

We see men killed and imprisoned by an oppressive oppressor, and a destructive order. We see women who live lives of fear and hunger, in homes that are lifeless after the parting of the loved one, and the absence of the guardian; darkened environments as a result of the cut off light and the destruction.

She fears that the enemy's soldiers will break down the door, and tear up the protective cover of the loved one. She wipes away the tears of a desperate, poor child. Violent hunger is in his stomach. He sleeps in the open air without cover and can't find anything warm except his mothers embrace. He cannot sleep without being awoken by the noises of the tanks and explosions.

All this is the result of the enemy who ran over our lands with oppression and force, with power, hatred and enmity; stealing and robbing... We see blood and limbs, imprisonment, persecution and destruction; and still, these women have closed their balconies, and they have turned away their hearts.

Until when this turning away and desertion? And until when this heedlessness and forgetfulness? O sister, how do you sleep so nicely while there are eyelids kept awake by the enemies' hands? And how do you enjoy living while your brothers go through what they go through from tragedies and severe trials? How do you enjoy life when your sisters go through what would rob the bedfellow of sleep and disturb the ears that hear?

O descendant of Khadeejah, 'Asmaa' and 'Aa'ishah... isn't it time for you to realize that in the dunya there is life and death, truth and falsehood, trials and ease, fitnah and revenge, Islaam and Kufr?

Who from among the women today carries the worries of the Ummah? Who among the women cried over the massacres of Jineen, Nablous and Rafah?Which one among the women cried over the fall of Kaabul? Or which among them cried over the fall of Baghdaad?

By Allaah, you don't see among the women except those who cry over their love, and are not the least pained over that which befalls this Deen and its people!! (Illaa Man rahima Rabbee)

O sister, you have to wake up the hearts of the men, and elevate the determination of the heroes, and say, "We refuse humiliation and subjection, misery or subserviance; and we want to be free from having to bow to the cross worshippers."

You have to push your loved ones to the battlefield. The Most Beloved, The Lord of the lords, is more deserving that we sacrifice what is most beloved to us for His sake, from our lives, and our wealth.I say to you my Muslim sister, the least that is expected from you is when the men leave for Jihaad, that you stay silent and are pleased by Allaah's orders.

And [that you are] cautious that you do not repel others from the Path of Allaah, and that you do not become an obstacle on their way to paradise or Allaahs' pleasure.Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning), "Those who prefer the life of this world instead of the Hereafter, and hinder (men) from the Path of Allah (i.e.Islam) and seek crookedness therein - They are far astray." [Surat Ibraheem, verse 3]

So be like Al-Khansaa', Nusaybah Bin Ka'b and Safiyyah Bint 'Abd al-Muttalib whose examples still can be found in our time, those who sought to lift the humiliation and shame from the forehead of the Ummah, and raise the banner of victory for Islaam and the Muslims with the blood of their sons, and the piercing of their livers, and sought to stop the spread of the kaafir communism in the lands of Islam and its people.

O sister, why dont you become like the example of Umm Suraaqah? And what do you know about Umm Suraaqah? She sent her son for Jihaad in Afghanistaan, and when he was martyred, they [the mujahideen] said, "how do we inform her about her son's death?" So they said, "if Shaikh Abdullah 'Azzam talks to her it will lighten her burden." So Shaikh 'Azzam called her and gave her the glad tidings of her son's Shahaadah and he told her words of comfort and patience, but she didn't need those words at all, and it was as if she was waiting for this news with longing. So she replied to the shaikh saying, "Alhamdulillaah for Suraaqahs' martyrdom. In a week I will send you his brother to replace him."

[this story was mentioned in the book Dour al-Nisaa' fil jihaad wal 'iddah by Sheikh Yousef 'Uyayri Rahimahullaah]

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redstar said...

So you recommend that all muslim men go off and fight 'cross worshippers'?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you grow up in the UK? Are you saying that you'd like the men in your family to be fighting British people?

sheryza said...

mashallah thank you for sharing. very interesting piece.

veiled_muslimah said...

redstar: your putting words in my mouth.

have you even bothered reading the article?

It talks about the wars being fought in Muslim Countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. [Note: Which were invaded by the U.S and not the other way around.] As Muslims we have a right to defend ourselves and our brethren.

And i didn't say i recommend that 'all muslim men go off and fight cross worshippers'. I'm assuming you mean Christians by 'cross worshippers' and that statement implies every Christian living in the World which sounds bizarre. Islam doesn't promote the killing of innocent civilians. However, the wars being fought in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine are another matter.

And no i haven't grown up in the U.K. I've always lived in the United Arab Emirates. Gone to a British school yes, but that's about it. I'm curious as to why you thought that, as i've never mentioned anything about living in the United Kingdom.

sheryza - your welcome. :)

Al-Hanbali said...

mashaAllah enjoyed reading it

i use to read jihadunspun like almost every other day, but im not a fan no more i must say..

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

Great article. I will pass it on to my wife to read, inshallah.

I write articles, essays, reflections and poems for largely a Muslims audience. Come by inshallah when you have a moment to read.

Wa salaama,

nuh ibn

Umm Maariyah said...

assalam aleikoum sister. I am a new sister on blogger. is Dubai a nice place to live for muslims ?

Veiled Muslimah said...

al-hanbali: I got this from another forum actually. It defenitely is a moving piece. Is there a specific reason why you don't? I'm not an everday reader but it's an interesting website and i go on it on and off.

Nuh Ibn: Wa alaykumsalam brother. Thank-you. Forward it as many people as you like. I did drop by your blog. Interesting place. I've linked you up on mine.

Umm maariyah: Wa alaykumsalam Ukhti. Hmm depends on how you look at it. I think Sharjah is more 'Islamic' then Dubai is. You can practice your religion in Dubai freely. [I.E- There is no restriction on Hijab, Niqab, Abayas, thobes, etc] like in some other Countries and alhamdulilah we have the masjids giving out the aadhan everyday but there is a lot of fitnah around as well as majority of the people living in Dubai are Non-Muslims. It depends though.

Al-Hanbali said...

they call the terrorists in Saudi who killed civilians and police officers as mujahideen!!!

redstar said...

My mistake, I read your blog via bloglines, so didn't see the 'born and brought up in the UAE' bit.

'Cross Worshippers' is used in the article you quote, which is why I quoted it. The paragraph afterwards says 'You have to push your loved ones to the battlefield' which suggests you approve of a mentality that pits Muslims against Christians in some kind of bizarre eternal war.

What are your thoughts on the Muslims killing Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan? It's surely an oversimplification to talk of Muslim lands being invaded by the US.

Veiled Muslimah said...

redstar: I'm sorry. My apologies - it might've skipped my mind.

But your taking it out of context. Like i said before - it doesn't imply every singly Christian living out there. This article specifically talks about the Wars being fought in Muslim Countries. And i say this because in Islam you arn't allowed to kill innocent People who arn't involved in the army unless they come underfire and it's a war-torn Country. But you can't actively seek out innocent civilians and kill them. [Say some of the suicide bombings which specfically targets innocent civilians and are done under the name of Islam? They arn't 'Islamic'.] Regardless of what the media tells you.

You said:

The paragraph afterwards says 'You have to push your loved ones to the battlefield' which suggests you approve of a mentality that pits Muslims against Christians in some kind of bizarre eternal war.

Battlefield - Again the Wars being fought in Muslim Countries. And no i don't approve of a mentality that pits Muslims against Christians - However i do believe that the People in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Chechyna all have a right to defend themselves. If you look at that specific paragraph - She doesn't say that she want's Muslims to pit specifically against Christians. She says to the battlefield. And we all know where the battles being fought are now.

It also refers to the fact that Muslim Women should encourage their Men to go and fight Jihad in the Countries which are under attack to help their Brothers' and Sisters'.

To go into detail - Muslims feel a sense of brotherhood with other Muslims around the World regardless of their race or nationality. And if a Muslim Country comes under attack it is an obligation of every other Muslim to come in and defend them. So that's why you have foreign fighters go into Iraq and Aghanistan and et al. [It's also called Jihad].

This is where the word Cross-worshippers is used in its whole context:

O sister, you have to wake up the hearts of the men, and elevate the determination of the heroes, and say, "We refuse humiliation and subjection, misery or subserviance; and we want to be free from having to bow to the cross worshippers."

Are not the vast majority of the U.S army christians? And what of the Islamophobia going on in the U.S and other Countries? I've heard cases of Muslim Womens Hijab [veil] being ripped off, Muslim Men being shipped off to Guantanamo bay just because of their beards or other such attacks. Infact an Afghan-American Mother who was dropping her children home was shot dead because of her Hijab. A lot of Muslims are going through humiliation and are subjected to numerous cases of cruelty simply because they are Muslims.

So simple putting it - it touches the hardship Muslims are facing in those Countries around the World [Mainly which are christain dominated.]

This article is meant to raise awareness, encourage other Muslims and emotionally touch People. The author *will* use harsh language to touch the readers, stir them and make them empathise with her. That's 101 of English of writing an interesting and gripping article.

As for Muslims killing Muslims in Iraq [Not so much in Afghanistan] it's not that simple. You have to look at the reasons why. There is a lot of distrust of each other now and a lot of misconception between them. And it's not all entirely their fault. If you notice - Sectarian violence in Iraq was not that common until after the U.S invaded Iraq. After that everything went downhill.

There is a lot more violence in Iraq after the invasion of the U.S & Co. then there was before. The Sunnis and Shias didn't fight like this - infact they lived in harmony.

The British [Now a key ally with the U.S on this so called War 'of' Terror] have used the policy of 'divide and rule' before. I'm sure they wont mind using it again.

I hope that helped.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Assalam Alaykum,

Al-hanbali: I went over it. I guess it does have some conflicting views. But the reason it attracted me was because of the raids that happened in Toronto [JUS covered it] and a lot of innocent Muslims were captured in it. [And are still in jail without trial.] One of the wives gave her interview on it.

Heres the link:

Anonymous said...

Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64
Narrated 'Aisha:
that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

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