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Assalam Alaykum,

I've been really busy and tired last few days. I haven't been getting time to get back to all the comments or use the Net as much i used to. I guess that's good in a way. Inshallah, i hope your all doing good. I'm craving Chocolate cake with Melted chocolate on top so badly right now, but i don't think i can get it as it's late and all the stores are probably closed.

However I came across a Video Blog that this Brother does and i'd like to share. Defenitely check it out and check out his site. Mashallah he's good.

This one's about Hijab.

Taken from

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mortalmuslim said...

oh!i wish i could eat chocolate cakes so freely u know danger of getting fat!!

sheryza said...

yeah this was a good video. thanks

candle of hope said...

amaazing video.. mashaALlah..
i loved it alot..
it's so true.. and very informative..

aliG said...

Although it was entertaining. I cannot agree with most of what he is saying.

Veiled Muslimah said...

alig: What there NOT to agree about? What he says about Hijab is right according to sharia and Islam.


Anonymous said...

Ali rocks!his videos delivr the rite msg,but r entertainin too.i intervwd him on a radio show i used to present on and he was great to talk to,mashallah.ur blog is very inspirin.def a frequent spot 4me to visit

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