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Assalam Alaykum,

Another massacre of innocent lives in Palestine. And the World remains silent.

At dawn 8 November 2006, the successive firing of ten to twelve Israeli shells at a Beit Hanoun residential street resulted in what Palestinians on the scene described as the Gazan "tsunami." Eighteen Palestinian civilians -- mostly women and children -- were killed. The Israeli military stated it regretted the killings and attributed the shelling to human error, provoking much anger in the rest of the Gaza Strip, which had just buried 55 of its residents after a week-long offensive in Beit Hanoun and extrajudicial executions elsewhere in Gaza.

The Independent (UK) reports:

Eighteen Palestinian civilians, most of them women and children from the same family, have been killed as they tried to flee a barrage of Israeli artillery shells fired on and around the house where they had been sleeping minutes earlier ....All but one of the dead were members of the Athamneh family and included six children under 16. They were killed when they rushed out into the dirt road beside their four-storey building after the first shell struck, punching a hole two feet in diameter through the roof. Large puddles in the road were still dark with blood five hours after the attack.

The deadly attack came a day after Israeli forces redeployed from Beit Hanoun upon the stated completion of a six-day-long offensive dubbed "Operation Autumn Clouds," ostensibly aimed at the stopping of rocket fire from Gaza into Israel, in which at least 50 Palestinians were killed.

"Operation Autumn Clouds" came after the recent "Operation Summer Rain" in which around 300 Palestinians -- half of them civilian -- were killed.The reaction of Israel foreign minister Tzipi Livni was, "Unfortunately, in the course of battle, regrettable incidents such as that which occurred this morning do happen." The Israeli military appointed Maj-Gen Meir Khalifi, who headed the inquiry into the deaths of seven members of the Ghalia family killed in an explosion on a beach earlier this year and which found the Israeli army not responsible despite independent findings to the contrary.

The Guardian (UK) reports the international reaction: "The US called on Israel to exercise 'restraint', noting its 'regret' at civilian casualties and the launch of an inquiry into how a residential area had come under artillery fire. The EU said it was 'appalled'. The Palestinian movement Hamas called for swift retaliation. Islamic Jihad promised suicide bombings. Sadly, only the latter statements carried much conviction."

Subhanallah. They kill them without mercy. Children and Women and Innocent Men. And what's the Israelis foreign Ministers response? Things like these happen during Military operations?

May Allah s.w.t protect the people of Palestine.
May Allah s.w.t give them sabr and strength to go through this difficult time.
May Allah s.w.t give victory to the true Mujahideen.
May the suffering of the Innocents all over the World who are suffering easen.



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Anonymous said...

I will remain silent about the so-called "massacre" in Beit Hanoun until the so-called "Palestinians" stop bombarding Israeli communities with their home-made missiles.

First of all, there is no such thing as the "Palestinian" people. They are just Arabs, the same as all the other Arabs. Let them move to Jordan or Saudi Arabia or one of the many other Arab countries.

Second of all, these cowardly so-called "Palestinians" have been firing home-made rockets at Israeli towns. Since these "Palestinians" are of low intelligence and lazy, and cannot design or build advance, accurate missiles, they build low-technology home-made rockets that are pretty inaccurate, and don't hit their intended targets. Nevertheless, sometimes they do hit a target and kill or maim an Israel schoolchild.

But the world is silent. The so-called "muslim" community sits back and waits for some phony mother wearing a blanket to weep and cry and shout loud, emotional obscenities, waving her wrinkled arms, on TV.

I'm silent because I see the farce in all this.

Anonymous said...

ATT: anonymous

I take from your comments that you are not a muslim.
Question: Why are you visiting sites such as these? Dont you have anything better to do than enter provocative and racists comments? Its people like you that are preventing the human race from tolerating and understanding eachother.
Get an education and grow up I say. And remember the one who hates always suffers more than the one whos being hated.

Anonymous said...

Why are all comments that criticise muslims called "racist"? You don't know me and don't know what I look like. I was born in Brasil, I'm of mixed portuguese, italian, black and south american indian heritage, my skin is brown, my eyes are dark green, my hair is black and curly, and I'm a Roman Catholic by religion. I may even be darker than you are!

There is NO truth or correlation between so-called "racism" and criticizing the islamic religion. That is a bigoted tactic used by people like the "palestinians" -- calling jews "racist". The jews are semitic and the arabs are semitic, too. Maybe people in the middle east are jealous that many jewish families spent hundreds of years living in Europe, and gained advanced European learning (from Christians), and then went back to Israel, and built beautiful skyscrapers, clean cities full of good businesses that provide jobs for the Israelis people (and many arabs, too)... hospitals, great universities... and the arab palestinians live in dirt and squalor, their families oppress women and the women are reduced to "baby-factories" by having 12 kids... the palestinians are lazy and don't want to work, they go to school to be engineers and then join hamas and just protest in the streets, never working as engineers for one day because they are lazy!

Anonymous said...

ATT: Anonymous

Comments like 'Palestinians are lazy and don't want to work' to me is racist. Commonly racist people are white or fair skined and they are racists against darker skined people, however not always. So you giving me a detailed description of your appearance really doesnt prove that your not a racist.
Anyway it sounds as though your really hung up on muslims and to be honest I feel sorry for you.
Let it go. Hatred is an emotion that eats away at you, like a poison.
Thats my advice anyway, take it or leave it, I certainly wont be loosing any sleep!

guerrilla radio said...

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Anonymous said...

\By Allah you dirty jews sons of pigs and apes you will not get away with this in this world nor the one after

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just accept Judaism and Israel, so we can all live in peace?

Puffy said...

The world is not exactly silent Muslimah, as your quotes from UK media illustrate.

It's interesting to see the bigotry here expressed from both sides....

I'm afraid the truth is the Arab/ Muslim world remained relatively silent about the Palestinian cause for a very long time. Even OBL only thought to mention them when no one understood why he had a problem with a few Yankees in Saudi.

One has to wonder, if the Palestinian issue was somehpw magically resolved, what the next cause celebre would become. Do you want to know what the world is really silent about? The Muslim genocide of Christians in Darfur, the victims of which dwarf those of Palestine. And the Congo, about which no one cares. What do the two have in common? They're happening to black Africans. Now there is racism.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Anonymous: Let's not get into an argument about who Palestine actually belongs to shall we?

Umm the only reason the Palestinians fight back because of the injustice and inhumane torture done against them by the Israelis. Stop being so blind and go and read up on some of the things the Israel has done to innocent Palestinians.

And believe me, the Muslims in the middle east arn't jealous. We would we? Your comments sound to be extremely biased. Open your eyes and take a look around and the injustice done all around. The Israeils aren't exactly peace loving, merciful, forgiving people who don't torture people. Infact just look it up on the interet and you'll find stuff which they won't normally show on the news.

Also, your stereotyping people. Which again is wrong. Your statement, that all palestinians are lazy and don't want to work just shows your stupidity and lack of intelligence. It's the same thing as saying that okay, 'All Americans are lazy' or 'All Australians are lazy'. Your basing on your opinion on a nationality? Individuals are different in society. I could say all Americans are pro-war because of Bush. But no one is that stupid, to judge people like that.

Jeremy: I could say the same thing, Why don't they accept Palestine and the Peoples right to live there? Afterall it was their land before.

Puffy, i agree with you on your last sentence. No one deserves to be killed like that, especially innocent people regardless of their race, religion or colour. We're all equal. Darful though is again a contraversial issue.

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Anonymous said...

Why are Muslim mosques allowed by all the countries of the West on their territory, but NO CHRISTIAN CHURCHES ARE ALLOWED TO STAND IN SAUDI ARABIA??? The Saudis should allow Churches to be built in Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca and Medina. Also, Jewish synagogues should be allowed in these places! I will not be satisfied with our Western governments until the Saudis, Jordanians, Yemenis, Quataris, etc. allow lots and lots of Christian Churches to be built on their territories, with Christian priests praying in the Streets, and passing out Bibles to all the Arab muslim peoples there! Then I will be satisfied. I will fight until all our Western governments listen to their People, and push for these changes! Also, to liberate the oppressed women under Islam. Free them! They should be freed of their veils, and allowed to learn, study, and get degrees in University, so they can become independent and won't have to take orders from the old muslim men who sit around in their robes and sandals, in coffee houses, drinking and talking about their oppression and grievances! The women and the youth of Islamic countries are being manipulated by these old paternalistic patriarchal men of the Middle East! It's time to change this old decaying culture!!! Stop sticking up for it, you know it's wrong! And the women don't want Islam. They want to be Free!

Bilal said...

there seem to be too many ignorant people commenting on this blog- go and get your facts straight before making stupid comments.
and to anyone who thinks what is happening in Palestine is not plain evil- go there for yourself and see how evil and harsh the israelis are- even to foreign citizenz!

Veiled Muslimah said...

I agree with Bilal.

Sorry havent been able to comment earlier i've been busy.

Anonymous: i can't believe you actually believe stereotype of Muslim Women. Muslims Women who veil do get educated, work and are a part of society in majority of the countries. Just look around you. Or wait, do a bit of research.

As a Muslim Woman, i want Islam. I like oovering myself. And if i was uneducated, how would i be able to write here much use the internet? Think. You have such huge misconceptions about islam and Muslim Women. just look at what you say, "muslim men who sit aroun in their robs and sandal, in coffee houses..." its laughable. You have such biased view of Muslims, i doubt you actually do have practicing muslim friends. I suggest you do make some and do some basic research on islam and the the muslim veil. Open your eyes and mind and be a little understanding of other people and religion. Don't let the biased media and what people tell you fool you. go read up on it on yourself.


Puffy said...

Anyone here familiar with Stockholm Syndrome? Look it up, educated women of Islam, ashamed of your own God given skin, then speak of liberty...

Anonymous said...

Ameen to the dua!

Anonymous said...

Muslimah, I have a question for you. I think it's all right that you talk about the "Massacre at Beit Hanoun", where Israelis murdered Palestinian Arabs. However, why do you not also mention the ongoing, brutal massacres in Darfur, Sudan, where Arab Muslims are massacring black Christians?

Am I to understand that you, as an Arab Muslim, are only interested in highlighting massacres of your fellow Muslims on your website, no matter where they occur in the world (especially Palestine and when committed by Jews)? But when Muslims murder Christians, then you are silent and don't have a specific article on your website highlighting this news?

Are the lives of Muslims more important to Muslims?

Jesus Christ preached that ALL people are equal, and that the lives of each and every person are equal in the eyes of God. No one is more valuable because they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc.

Throughout history, sometimes Christians have even violated this principle of Jesus Christ, and they should be condemned, but that does not invalidate the preachings and ideals of Jesus Christ, and that does not make Christianity invalid or wrong. Christianity as a belief system is the most correct and perfect belief system in the Universe. Muslims talk about Islam being "the best religion". Christianity is NOT a religion, it is simply God's truth.

That doesn't mean we Christians think you Muslims are bad. I have known many good, sincere, well-intentioned and kind Muslims. Muslims are known for their family hospitality and personal kindness, in fact. However, often when Muslims get together, they are guilty of hatred towards other groups, and adopting a style of competition and hostility toward other groups.

Let us all work to cooperate with one-another and live up to the ideals and preachings of Jesus Christ, whom both Christians and Muslims believe in. We believe He is the Son of God (not a biological son, a spiritual son). You believe he is a great Prophet. There is something we can agree on; he was a great Man.

Anonymous said...

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