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Assalam Alaykum,

A video worth watching!

May Allah s.w.t grant the Mujahideen victory.
May Allah s.w.t ease the suffering of our Palestinian Brothers and Sisters.
May Allah s.w.t grant them jannah.
May Allah s.w.t unite the Ummah and strengthen us.
May Allah s.w.t increase our Imaan.



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Kieran said...

I hear today that there are plans for an invasion of Iran. The madness goes on.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Yeah, sadly it does. :-/ People are saying they might or they might now, lets see though... I don't think they would right now, because as it is they'r in a weak position. They've got forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, they'd defenitly a strong healthy army to fight Iran.

Veiled Muslimah said...


sanurii said...


Hajar said...

So sad...ensha Allah "truth and justice will be restored to the ummah," (sooner than later.)

Anonymous said...

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