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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

I came upon this article and it was very touching. SubahanAllah, what some people suffer for the sake of Islam and they have so much sabr.

Huda Kaya was a well-known Islamic journalist in Turkey. She used to work for the ‘Selam’ newspaper until it was shut down by the Turkish government in 2000. Both Huda and her family received huge publicity after attending a demonstration against the “hijab ban”, in the city of Malatya in October 1998. The demonstration took place to protest against the banning of Muslim female students from Turkish universities for their adherence to their Islamic dress code. For merely attending this demonstration, the prosecution demanded that Huda and her daughters receive the death penalty.

A few days after the demonstration the police arrested Huda Kaya and her daughters Nurcihan, Nurulhak and Intisar Saatcioglu in their home and placed them in prison. They were then held in prison for 7 months for “attempting to overturn the constitutional system of Turkey by gun force”. The “evidence” used to convict them was at best “flimsy”.

It consisted of their presence at a peaceful demonstration, an article written by Huda Kaya, and the fact that she had certain articles and books in her possession. However, the Malatya State Security Court concluded that the case was outside its jurisdiction and sent the case back to the public prosecutor.

The sisters were then brought before another court and charged with a different offense: “violating the act of gathering and demonstrating”. They were found guilty. Intisar was sentenced for 3 years 10 months in prison, Nurulhak was sentenced to 2 years 6 months and Nurcihan was sentenced to 1 year 8 months. Although, the Saatcioglu sisters had already been held in prison for 7 months, their sentence was not reduced in any way.

Now, having been released from prison, the sisters have once again found themselves under arrest in Istanbul. They face the same institutionalised discrimination faced by their mother, Huda, and all Turkish women who choose to wear the hijab. Huda herself served 3 years in prison for the same reason as her daughters.

In a press release regarding her daughters’ imprisonment on 4th October 2003, Huda said the following:

“The president of Malatya University and the Police provoked that demonstration. As a matter of fact the president of the university was a former army general and his first action after his appointment was the hijab-ban. My daughters have been jailed due to their freedom claim. The judge who sentenced my daughters meant exactly that. During the final hearing he repeated what one of my daughter prayed for in the demonstration: ‘for a free country, for a free schools, for a free life, help us O my Lord’. Then he announced the sentence by saying ‘inciting people to freedom’.”

“My other daughter Intisar attended a local radio program that was about the hijab-ban and recited a [Qur’anic] verse related to the issue. Due to this recitation she and the producer of the program were sentenced to two and half years according to “TCK article 312”. All these things are tragic-comic now. I just visited my daughters in order to give them a Quran and some others books but they wouldn’t allow it. They did not let me give the Quran and the other books to my daughters.”

Intisar was accompanied by her mother Huda and her brother Mujaheed during the imprisoning process at the Fatih Courthouse where she said while she put her Palestine scarf over her shoulders:

“they can jail us, they can hand-cuff our wrists, but they can never make our hearts surrender.”

And her mother said:

“I am proud of the fact that three of my daughters have been imprisoned for the sake of Allah.”

After the process she was sent to the Bakirkoy Women and Childrens Prison. Necip Kibar, one of Intisar’s lawyers, said that the people who organise demonstrations in order to ask the army to overthrow the government due to its pro-Islamic reforms are walking around freely whereas the people who seek freedom are jailed. This is completely illegal”. *

In the face of all this injustice, Huda remains defiant:

“The history of humankind has taught us that those who want justice and virtue have to pay the price somehow in order to get it; all the prophets and the sincere people have paid this price. Now my family and me are paying this price, for sure we are followers of their path.”

She urged people around the world to send letters of support to her daughters:

“A letter is the most important expectation in prison. If the people whose hearts are with us send letters to my daughters, I will be very grateful.”

This is but one example of what so many of our Muslim brothers and Sisters are going through through out the world. For example, Guantanamo Bay, we can only imagine what kind of things they do to our brothers and Sisters in Islam over there.

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Mustafa Ugur Dinc said...

During the same period, another Muslim, the leader of an Islamic organization in the same city (Malatya) was taken to Ankara, the capital of Turkey by some State agents.

When he was brought back, he didn't remember anything and was a completely destroyed man. Due to the effect of the drugs that he had to take, he fell off his flat's balcony and died. All the evil secularist newspapers announced that he had committed suicide. The truth was that the drugs given him had caused the accident. But as I said, he was already a destroyed man when he returned home. Only Allah knows what terrifying tortures had caused him to become so.

May Allah save us from these crypto-Jews as well as apostate Turks who did all those abominable acts against Islam and Muslims. Amin.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Subhanallah... that is so sad. :-/ Ameen to the duas. What muslims go through everday... sigh.

May Allah s.w.t grant them sabr and patience and jannah. Ameen.

Afzal said...

May Allah help the tukish muslims over turn those munafeeqoon..inshaallah.

Hanna said...

Subhanallah. I don't know what to say. Suddenly all the tribulations I'm going through seem so...trivial.

umarkhatab said...

subhanallah indeed these people have alot of sabr. This article brought tear to my eyes for we living in the west take so many things for granted like being able to wear hijab or have a beard or wear a kuffi or just pray freely. May Allah eleviate the suffering of our Ummah. ameen. And thanx for the article

Anonymous said...

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