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A reminder: [Something I wrote]

1) Alway remember Allah s.w.t watches us, nothing can be hidden from him.

2) Never forget one day, we'll die. We'll have to be buried in the ground and answer for what we've done on this Earth. We wil be questioned on the day of Judgement about our deeds and our life in this world.

3)We can never know when death can strike. The Angel of death waits for no one, no one knows when you or i can pass away. It doesn't matter if your 5 or 30, you die when Allah s.w.t wants you to and about that you have no knowledge of.

4) When we are troubled by the inconsequential things in our lives, we should think about the people who'r suffering and are in worser conditions then we are; and instead we should be grateful to Allah s.w.t for the roof we have on our heads, the clothes that lie in our cupboard the food on the table.

5) This life is short and not worth the hell-fire of Hell. Work for your Akhira.

6) Words are like arrows, once fired they can never be returned. Watch what you say, your words can break homes, cause arguments, make Satan happy and people sad. Everything you say is written down and you will be questioned about what you have spoken. Instead, try to do dhikr of Allah s.w.t, be pleasant and kind in your speech, speak when spoken too and in matter of concern and do not swear.

7) Do not forget the hell-fire. Ever. The fire which which will be hotter then the fire of this earth, the continuous burning. The only water boiling and unclean.

8) "Worship Allah s.w.t as if you see him, even though you see him not, he see's you." [The concept of Ihsan in Islam]

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Mustafa Ugur Dinc said...
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Mustafa Ugur Dinc said...

MaashAllah, you wrote very well.

allaboutgq said...

I always get goosebumps and get depressed when I read stuff like this.

Masha'Allah. Jazak'Allah for the reminders. Keep it up.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Assalam Alaykum,

Soul Jazakallah.

mr gq
It's always good to keep reminding ourselves about the punishments in the here-after. I find it helps and your always reminded of Allah s.w.t. We'll all get accounted for what we do in this dunya and we never know when we'll die. May Allah s.w.t make us better Muslims and increase our Imaan so that we won't be afraid to meet him. Ameen.

Wa iyaaki.


SUHAA said...

asalaam alaikum warahmat Allah,
i am loving your blog. mashaAllah. & this post is a reminder we should always ponder on throughout our lives. may Allah reward u sis for this reminder..

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