Posted By Veiled Muslimah on/at 4/19/2009 10:04:00 PM

Between a crashed laptop, laziness and attempts to finish my work on time I've been neglecting this blog. [I know, I know. This happens more than it should, but whatever.]

There is something I'm not good at and thats organising myself and discipline of my nafs. Not to mention Satan does well to act on his promise by encouraging us to waste time.

I've recognised two of my weaknesses:

Fiction and daydreaming.

I love picking up a good book and reading. I can get so involved in it that hours will simply pass by without me noticing and if its an exceptionally good one - the plot and thoughts stay in my mind for a while.

If its not one thing its the other, and the time can just fly by without me getting any Qur'an or assignment done.

Argh. I guess it's a good thing my laptop crashed, having personal computers can be addicting and a waste of time. [IE- Surfing the net without cause].

But I guess disciplining your nafs is a test by Allah. And I'm hoping I pass.

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Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

I agree, the internet is addicting.

MASS said...

5 prayers on time is the best guard to discipline! Plus athkar al sabah wal masaa

then throw in 3 days of workingout you cant go wrong.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Don't talk about working out. :( I've been slacking for so long and I've gained weight. *grumbles*

Anonymous said...

speaking of working out... anyone have any tips on wearing hijab to the gym? i always use that as my excuse not to go (i wear hijab, i'll get hot, people will stare, etc)

Anonymous said...

oh and this is the same anonymous. i forgot to say, i love your blog! it's so motivating. i have been wasting so much time lately and need to get back on track.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Thanks anonymous. :) Lol, but I waste a lot of time too, it probably doesn't show on my blog.

I'm not sure about wearing the hijab to the gym, I've never done it but I don't think id be comfortable too. I've gone to a womens only gym though and I didnt have to wear hijab there.

I know a few sisters who wear it though, they usually wear baggy pants and a loose shirts, if you're not comfortable with that, why dont you try finding a gym that caters to women? And/or better yet, start working out at home! :P

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