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On Monday I went to Jumeirah Beach Park with my friends. On Monday, the Jumeirah beach is exclusively for Women and so Women who wear Hijab can enjoy the beach. The Park is very strict about who enters and who doesn't, only letting Women in.

Although it was a fun day, on the way back what I saw had me panicking to put my Niqaab on. Parked inside the parking lot in the Park were cars which had boys standing outside them. Or what I thought were boys. I was first surprised, because Men were not allowed inside the Park at all and then to my horror I realised these were girls pretending to be boys.

This was not just one or two, these were whole groups of girls together which had 'guys' in them too. I remembered how my friend had called me when she was visiting this same beach a month back, telling me about how she had seen these girls pretending to be boys. I could hear the shock in her voice and only when I saw what she had seen did I realise why she was so shocked.

These girls who were pretending to be boys had made themselves to be so much like a boy that it was hard to differentiate between a real boy and them. The only way I realised they were in actuality girls was because they were in a all Womens beach. They had their hair absolutely cut short, jelled, they wore shorts and full boy clothes. They spoke and met others of their groups, girls and 'guys' just how guys might meet them. They walked and hung around just like boys would and they even drove cars the same way.

And to top it all, these were Arab Muslim youth, with the girls who were not pretending to be Men actually wearing Abayas.

All I could think was that if the Ahzaab of Allah does not come on us, then what will? My friend repeatedly kept on saying Allah yahdeekum - and I really hope Allah gives them hidaya.

But there were some questions that kept on running around my head after what I saw. What led these teenagers to do something like this? And I'm sure not all of them are young, especially if they were driving Cars, some of them could possibly be in their early twenties. Where are their Parents? You cannot be like that without your Parents finding out, especially with the hair-cuts. Why isn't anyone trying to speak to them about their condition?

Surely something in such large groups cannot pass the attention of the community at large? These are our children of tomorrow.

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Being Civil said...

Why didn't you talk to them?

American Muslima Writer said...

Allahu ALim they might have been gay. The "boy" girls like acting liek men and their girly girls their girlfriends.
It happens that way in USA and Middle East is not above reflecting West in all ways.

I used to be a bit punk as a teen liek this but poeple could still tell i was a girl.

Maybe it's just their prefered "style" and their parents are probably laid back abou tit all, either unable to control these rebel girls or so lax themselves they dont really care.

Allahu Alim.

Modern Girl said...

That is very interesting! I'm glad you shared this story with the world.

Have you even seen women dress/act like me in non-women only areas? I don't know your area well, but I would conjecture that if women acted like men in a space where men could go and see them, that the men would not be happy. In particular, some men may try to harm these women.

Perhaps some of these women are transgendered - meaning they want to act like men, but they can't all the time, because they are afriad that men will lash out at them. They feel safe in women only areas being themselves.

Oh perhaps they were just doing it to cause chaos and make everyone run for their head coverings.

Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

The girls in the M.E. are not above being tempted by Shaytan... Maybe they are gay, like A M W said, above.

luckyfatima said...

These girls are called "boyaat," which is plural of "boya." Yes, that is an Arabized English word. They are tomboyish looking on purpose, the cultural equivalent of butch dikes. And yes, they are probably lesbians.

I think you should just try your best to mind your own business and not pay attention to them. They probably have a hard enough time in this society as it is, and God created them, too.

Habayeb said...

Something's terribly wrong with the aqeedah of a Muslim if he/she thinks Allah *created* people as gays and lesbos.

If it was normal, Lut (a.s)'s creation wouldnt have been punished.

Habayeb said...

And btw, we cant "always" point fingers at the parents..yes they have the authority over their kids...but what abt the frnd's circle or the person himself/herself? Allah has given us aqal and an they are adults too. Cant excuse them completely and blame parents. Even the most knowledgeable and pious person's kid can go astray.

Modern Girl said...

In Response to Habayeb,

If Allah didn't create gays and lesbians, then who did?

Being Civil said...

Modern Girl: Allah created the good and the evil but never has He commanded one to do evil.

Saying 'Oh God created me the way I am' is sheer ignorance!

Besides, even if were to consider the idea 'Oh God created me the way I am' then no one shall be held responsible for their deeds, which is to say whether one commits robbery, rape, murders etc. Everyone can easily get off the hook by simply saying ‘Oh God created me the way I am'.

To say ‘Oh God created me the way I am’ is to simply burden someone else with the blame of your own actions and how unjust it is to ascribe it to The God, Who is free from all flaws!

Habayeb said...

MG - Allah the Most wise has created women & men in their correct and prefect forms. NO ONE is *born* a gay or a lesbian. Why would the Quran forbid believers from such acts if it was Allah who created them this way? Wouldnt there be an exception? I dont know how much you know about Islam but we as Muslims condemn homosexuality.As i said its mentioned in the Quran chapter of Lot (Lut) pbuh.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Being Civil:

I'm not sure why. Maybe because I didn't know if I had the guts to go and speak to them or tackle the issue?

AMW: That is a possibility. But about being gay, I feel they aren't exactly 'gay' but it could be more like a rebel reaction or something to seek the attention of others. Wa Allahu Aalam.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Modern Girl: Touche! I felt the same way, they wouldn't be able to walk out so freely in the open here. Also, the girls with them were actually wearing Abayas when they came into the Park before taking them off.

I don't understand your question about dressing like you in non-women only areas? If you mean in regards to dress, Dubai, although a Muslim City is considered to be very modern compared to other Arab/Muslim cities and walking out in a pair of jeans/shirt is normal.

Anyway, like I said before, one main reason that I feel is that they're trying to seek attention, but I don't know.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Hajar: Could be.

Luckyfatima: Again, I don't know why I feel this way but I feel that its more to do with doing something 'different' and seeking 'attention'. Being lesbian could be a possibility too though.

Veiled Muslimah said...

As for the argument on being 'created' - actually some transgendered people are created different with different body parts and they are like that from birth. And obviously, Allah is the creator of all things. However, that doesn't mean they commit homosexuality.

Secondly, there is a difference between someone who is naturally been physically created that compared to someone who is normally created and then thinks they are homosexual and then acts on it.

M.J. said...

I just wanted to 2nd Habayeb about the Quran forbidding homosexuality. Anyway, that's so strange! I wonder why they choose to dress in such a way. Hmm, would it be difficult there to even purchase mens clothes?

al-Ghariba said...

Assalamu alaikum wr wb,

I found this article the other day about this issue.

There is a growing problem here in Qatar about homosexuality. It is suprisingly common.

Allah swt did not create people gay. The gay people are the ones who listen to the whisperings of shaytan.

I am not 100% sure that all of the "confused" youth are actually gay. Some of them (especially girls) find relationships with same sex something that makes them feel secure and wanted. A lot of the local girls at my school are very wealthy and don't get much quality time with their parents. So they fall in love with their friends and one thing leads to another...I have seen it many times. Sadly.

Veiled Muslimah said...


Nope. There isn't a problem here in purchasing whatever clothing you want.


Wa Alaykumsalam,

I too don't think all of them are in actuality gay, but i feel for them its a way of rebelling. But again, Allah aalam.

This problem stemming in our communities needs to be handled. And with care.

Maz said...

Just because they dress like this doesn't make them gay.
Many women have short hair and wear shorts, hoodies etc. They are often referred to as tomboys, and many of them are even married.
Not all women like long hair and high heels, just because society seems to think so.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Maz: I think I can safely tell a difference between someone who is a tomboy and someone who is going to the extreme.

Modern Girl said...

Please pardon my ignorance...what is the shaytan?

Anonymous said...


Hmmm, I came back here to post this link only to read your comments and see that sadly someone has questioned my aqeeda. I can only say that this person's usage indicates a shallow understanding of what the word Aqeedah actually means. I would like "Habayeb" to suggest which being/ilaah has created people who are "gays and lesbos" if not Allah Subhana Wa Taala.


Being Civil said...

LuckyFatima: Habayeb meant with regards to "the choice" and was pointing towards those (among the muslims) who think that homosexuality is natural and free of sin and evil.

And like it has been said i.e. Allah has created the good and the evil BUT He has NEVER commanded one to do evil.

If the concept of "Choice" wasn't there then the whole point of punishment would be absurd.

And nope, it’s not her shallow understanding of Aqeedah but perhaps a misunderstanding on your side.

Niqabi said...

Habayeb, i agree w/ you. I was listening to a specch by a shykh and he was mentioning how aids is connected to gays. And how it is a punishment from ALlah.

I was reading a entry by another musilmsh about how she was happy for her Uncle who married his beloved gay friend.
And how ppl dont choose to be gay, it's in their DNA.
Allah created two genders, perfect for each other. WE werent just created for satisfyign our carnal hungers.

sigh, it think ppl forget islam when they accept gayismn (f that's even a word) b/c they forget Lut (ah) story..

may allah protect us all. BLuey that's pretty scary :(...

Wahhabi Backward Mullah said...

@ Niqabi: I hate sheikhs who say that AIDS is a punishment from Allah. Gays have been in society for centuries while AIDS is a recent phenomenon. Basically, AIDS is caused by HIV. Its a Christian thing to say that it is the punishment of God. What if some religious guy gets cancer? That is also a punishment from God? I dont buy this argument, especially when I am a Muslim who works with retroviruses ....

@ Modern Girl and fatimah: There is no conclusive evidence that pin-points a certain gene or a cluster of genes that ARE responsible for the homosexual behavior, like other problems such as cancer, cystic fibrosis etc

I can be a gay too, if I want to be. By practicing homosexuality my preferences will change and over time, I will begin to enjoy same-sex encounters. We see the world as we are and not as it is. Throw in some child-abuse experiences in thesem homosexuals that have allowed them to view the world in that specific way. Regarding transgendered people, there is a difference between being biologically transgender and gay. Gays are perfect, at least biologically, men. Trasngendered humans are NOT perfect men.

Wahhabi Backward Mullah said...

and ooh, why if a religious Muminah gets AIDS by accidently being given blood transfusion that was contaminated with HIV .... would that be punishment of Allah too .... the sheikhs really need to grow up in terms of worldly knowledge .... I have respect for some, most are ....

Wahhabi Backward Mullah said...

unlike other diseases such as cancer, cystic fibrosis*

UmmBlog said...

Is AIDS even REAL (natural disease) or a mere mischief of man (man made virus)? I mean, how come it’s so prevailing in Africa while not in the land of mad cows or that of swine lovers?

Wahhabi Backward Mullah said...

ummblog: yes, AIDS is a natural disease which is primarily caused by HIV-1 infection. It is prevailing in Africa because safe-sex is not practiced there and illiteracy is rampant. Moreover, HIV virus emerged in Africa. AIDS is not common in the land of swine lovers because condoms are easily available, HIV screening is available and poverty is not as much rampant. There are many other factors too.
ma salam

Veiled Muslimah said...

I don't have much to add to the discussion [More so because I'm short on time these days!]

But I'd just like to re-affirm something WBM said:

Regarding transgendered people, there is a difference between being biologically transgender and gay. Gays are perfect, at least biologically, men. Trasngendered humans are NOT perfect men.

I feel a lot of people [Muslims] are unaware of this fact. Please keep in mind there is a difference between the two.

downfallofthedoyen said...

I agree with al-gharibah here. WBM has also made some good points.

I'm gonna be blunt here though VM. I've lived a large part of my life in mid-east, and I can say this with conviction that being gay is becoming an epidemic problem there. It was initially born our of frustration, but now especially due to exposure to western media and western concept of homosexuality, it is no more a "phase". It is indeed turning into an identity, and many people who are 'gay' are accepting the label and are openly becoming gay.

As for the people who make the idiotic argument that that's the way they are then they directly contravene shari'ah. So logically their beliefs are questionable.

Anonymous said...

this is a very interesting topic. at the end of the say what people do is not of our concern and who are we to pass judgement or blame and especially labelling people.

Anonymous said...

Wow! and I thought Christians were crazy. What century are some of you living in? I didn't know the Taliban had blogs.There's no supernatural this the 21st century, so grow up!

Veiled Muslimah said...


I know i know, but homosexuality was and is still to an extent not so publicly flaunted here. I mean I think the reason why those girls actually come to that All-Womens park is because they can do/be whatever they want without consequences but if they were to go out of there into society there would be major major and I mean major consequences.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Anonymous @ 2:00 AM:

Actually, islamically we are responsibly for society and things which are done OPENLY. If it was obviously a personal business and being done in secret then it would be between the person and their Lord. But this is something that needs to be addressed and people need to be concerned about.

Anonymous @ 11:59pm:

Whats so 'crazy' about what I wrote? You might accept things like homosexuality and the sort but we don't. And the 'Taliban having blogs' comment was highly stupid and uncalled for. Maybe you should practice what you preach, 'This is the 21st century, grow up!'

Anonymous said...

Being from the land of swine eaters and mad cows you'll have to forgive my stupidity,LOL. I don't necessarily accept homosexuality, but at the same time I have no desire to punish these people or try to dictate how they live their lives.

I thought the Muslim community was trying to change how they are perceived by the rest of the world and not to affirm the image presented by some western pundits(Ann Coulter,Bill O'Reilly) but after reading some of the comments on here frankly I'm shocked.

If you don't want to be branded as Islamo-Fascists don't behave like ones.

Modern girl "Shaytan" is their word for Satan. The reason none of these "good" people answered you is because soon as you asked the question they had you pegged as a "Infidel". Nice folks,eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh and it doesn't surprise me you're coming from Dubai, the land where our criminals go to hide. Michael Jackson,Halliburton. I hear Dick Cheney is coming to a Mosque near you!

Veiled Muslimah said...


I didn't say anything about punishing these girls in my post in the first place. I highly think that what they do need is sincere advice and this possibly could be a form of rebellion if it isn't them seriously being gay.

What comments are you shocked by?

And I'm sorry, I did see MD's comment, but it slipped my mind to reply to her. Stop making assumptions.

Honestly though, I don't care what the West labels us anymore, regardless if we reform or not, they'll cook something else up to make us look like evil barbarians. Besides, I don't understand why anyone needs to reform to what the West dictates as.

They come here to hide - at least we don't have thousands of criminals, rapists, robbers and the sort roaming our streets.

Wahhabi Backward Mullah said...

@ Anonymous: Ignorance reeks from your comments and lunacy oozes from your writing. It seems that you have no respect for history nor any desire to be humble. So what is "this is 21st century?" Five centuries down the road, someone will be laughing at your ideals and world views and would consider them pathetically deformed. So your comment to remind us that "this is 21st century" does not mean much to us anyways.

Regarding Taliban, you do not even know what the hell you are talking about. Taliban follow the Hanafi madhab and I do not follow any madhab like the Talibans. There is heck of a difference between me and Taliban on theological points. I am sure that even Veiled Muslimah is not a Hanafi. How could you generalize us so easily? This accentuates your idiocy and lack of awareness of the world around you, let alone the history of different peoples. Gays can do whatever they want within the confines of their household. If they are caught indulging in those activities, they will be punished. No Gay Prides will be accepted in any Sharia-compliant country. If that seems "Islamofascism" to you then do whatever you can about it, it wont make a difference.

Veiled Muslimah said...

WBM: I kinda assumed anonymous was Non-Muslim and therefore basing his/her views on Islam like the average Joe. And therefore might not have knowledge about deeper things like theological differences/madhab/etc.

Wahhabi Backward Mullah said...

VM: as a non-Muslim, anonymous has even a greater responsibility to understand people who are not like him/her! If he/she fails to do so then sorry, I do not think anonymous needs to be called a human being.

Anonymous said...

to WBM, not the same anonymous who posted the 21st century comment but as another anonymous. As a muslim myself i was not impressed by this persons comment, instead of being angry at him and sayin he is not human. ignorance shud be met with pity not anger. It appear that neither parties are able to understand each other views. i beleive the way forward in this world that is falling apart is to take time to reflect others thought. you may not have to agree with them but seeing it from their point of view may not invoke as much anger.

Anonymous said...

and to VM
it appears you are clearly unaware of the lifestyle people leading outside of your home town. I can gurantee that girls as well boys do alot worse than that. stretch ur imagination and have a guess you will probably be rite

Anonymous said...

Greetings to all my Bedouin buddies ! Happy Easter you theocratic zombies. How come the Jews,Christians and Muslims share prophets yet you've been killing each other for centuries? I know why, It's because you're cut from the same cloth and that would be the shroud of superstition and stupidity.

Actually I know more about you than you know about me, It's one of the benefits of living in a pseudo democracy. The Arab world has always held a certain fascination for me. Unfortunately it's been somewhat spoiled by having to to listen to religious zealots such as yourselves

I'm a Socialist Atheist in case you didn't guess and I'll be the first to admit we have more than our share of fundamentalist idiots in America. How about the sane people left in the Islamic world deal with theirs and we'll deal with ours?

Sharia was conceived more than a thousand years ago by humans who had no idea of science,logic or the laws of nature. So why do you choose to live your lives according to some arcane voodoo nonsense?

I understand most of you are living in some sort of theocratic monarchy but you have to stand up for your rights. Don't let your lives be ruled by Shaman.

‘Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.’

"Marcus Aurelius"

Yours Truly,
Swine Eater

P.S-Don't take my insults personally,it's just my sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

" Wahhabi Backward Mullah " you talk about five centuries from now as if it was a certainty, I guess you've never heard of global warming. According to the top scientists this planet,this earth that we all call home has less than a hundred years at best. Oh I forgot you good people don't really believe in science (like evolution) but instead choose to believe in things that can't be seen or measured,

Anonymous said...

" VM: as a non-Muslim, anonymous has even a greater responsibility to understand people who are not like him/her! If he/she fails to do so then sorry, I do not think anonymous needs to be called a human being."

Please explain to me Oh Infinitely Wise One logically why I have a greater responsibility as a "non-believer" to understand someone like you who has consciously chosen to bury their head in the sand (no pun intended) and try to turn back the hands of time to about 1,400 years ago. What do you belong to some special Mickey Mouse Club ? Untermensch !

Anonymous said...

I don't care which Madhab or which particular Mujtahid Imam you think is the most accurate, just like I don't care if you believe in Santa Claus. Theology is a disease and I'm the cure.

" After coming into contact with a religious man I always feel I must wash my hands. "
Friedrich Nietzsche

Anonymous said...

Where are all the brave Mujahideen hiding, or are they too busy spraying battery acid in the faces of young girls trying to go to school in Afghanistan.

" This week in Syria, terrorist Samir Kuntar received Syria’s Order of Merit (or according to other reports, an honorary title as sergeant) from President Bashar Assad in a meeting in Damascus. Kuntar was released from an Israeli prison in July with four other live terrorists in exchange for two dead Israeli soldier’s bodies. He was arrested in 1979 for killing an Israeli policeman then taking a man and his four-year old child hostage. He drove them to the beach where he shot the man in front of his child and then bashed the child into the rocks until it was dead."

You people are cowards and are evil, so is your religion.

Anonymous said...

"Let's kill all their leaders and convert them to Christianity"

Ann Coulter

Anonymous said...

Obviously your bullshit medieval government won't let you respond and for that you have my sympathy.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Uh no, it's not my 'bullshit government' but the fact that like quite a lot of few people, I'm a bit busy right now.

And watch the language. Any further comments like that will have them being deleted. I don't mind whatever comments on my blog posts, as long as they're civil and dont contain bad language.


Being Civil said...


Life without the Purpose is worthless and so are the questions without valid purposes.

Why do you even bother to question the religion when you don’t even believe in the Existence of the All Mighty?

Or is it simply due to the fact that you cannot get rid of your innate nature (i.e. you want to know the truth)? For one can corrupt his Fitra (innate nature) but can never really get rid of it...

And as for the ‘superior’ science *sigh* .. Esa (Jesus) alayhis salam’s birth was a Miracle! From the time of Esa (alayhis salam) till this day, has your science been able to produce something similar to it?

What another thousands years it would take them to reach there?! And even if they were to live for another thousand years they would never be able to do it! For indeed! It is the All Mighty Allah we are talking about! The All Wise!

How odd it is to claim to be an intelligent creature and yet not even comprehend the reality that man himself has the Lord Whose Knowledge is Unlimited!

And talking about the knowledge of Islam then know that Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimullah) said:

"To be sure, reason is prerequisite to all knowledge, as it is the prerequisite of virtue and good life.

With it we acquire knowledge and virtue, but it is not sufficient by itself.

It is only a faculty of the soul, a power like the power of vision in the eye.

It works only when it receives light from faith and the Quran, as the eye sees only when it receives light from the sun or the fire."

Would you like to waste another 40 years of your life till ‘superior’ science figures out that it’s not self sufficient?

And if you could read and understand the Speech of Allah i.e. the Quran (in Arabic) then you wouldn’t have said what you have said..

P.S. Denying reality won’t change reality...

Anonymous said...

First of all this is Swine Eater.I didn't post the comment using foul language.Whoever it was it was poor taste.

"Being Civil" it's not that I question your sincerity, You talk about Jesus. there is absolutely no proof he ever existed.

As an Atheist I believe in what I see,touch.feel.smell etc..I don't believe in things that were conjured up thousands of years ago by ignorant folks.

I have nothing against Muslims any more than Jews,Christians etc.

otto fick said...

I will call myself Otto Fick (Swine Eater)just to make things easier. First of all I would like to say that most of the Arab/Muslim people I have met were very nice and well mannered people which is a credit to your faith.

As I've said before I've always had a interest in the Arab world(and yes I realize that most Muslims aren't Arabs)My interest developed due mainly to my interest in T.E Lawrence (I can hear the laughter now)I know he's not viewed that greatly in the Muslim world but he did help in bridging the gap.

I know that the United States is responsible for a litany of crimes against the Muslim word(The Shah of Iran,The massacre in Iraq)

I apologize for any insults ( stupid Ann Coulter) and I hope that this madness between us will come to and end.

otto fick said...

Why is Sayyid Imam al-Sharif, the leader of modern Jihad renouncing his beliefs. why a holes like Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri, are continuing their insanity.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Sigh. I'm actually tired of the random and argumentative comments on this post.

It's like everyone keeps on going round and round in circles!

Veiled Muslimah said...

Otto fick: as for your last comment, the subject of Jihad is a vast one and it has become extremely complicated now, especially in our times.

You'd be surprised at how there is an argument on it even in the Muslim World.

Let's just say, sometimes people add to what is actually been prescribed and deviating or going to the extreme in anyway is bound to have negative consequences.

otto fick said...

Thanks for your answer and I promise not to bug anymore. Good Luck.

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