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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

These are a few words of poetry that were written by `Ali Ibn Abi Talib radi allahu anha [One of the four righteous Caliphs, a cousin and Son-In-Law of the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasallam] which I found to be very profound and touching. If one stops and ponders at the words, they'll realise how beautiful and true they are:

قال على بن أبي طالب

`Ali ibn Abi Taalib (radhiallaahu `anhu) said:

لا تظـلمنَّ إِذا مـا كنتَ مقتـدراً * فالظـلمُ مـرتعُه يفضي إِلى النـدمِ

Never oppress if you are in a position to do so
For oppression, its field only leads to regret

تنـامُ عينـكَ والمظـلومُ منتبـهٌ * يدعـو عليـكَ وعيـنُ اللّهِ لم تنـمِ

Your eyes may sleep, but the oppressed one is attentive
Cursing against you while the Eyes of Allaah do not sleep

تزود من التقوى فإنك لا تدري *** إذا جن ليل هل تعيش إلى الفجـر

Take taqwa as your provision, for you do not know
When the night darkens, will you live until fajr?

فكـم من فتى أمسى وأصبح ضاحكا *** وقد نسجت أكفانه وهو لا يـدري

For how many of a youth laughs by morning and evening
And his shrouds have been weaved, and he does not know.

وكم من صغار يرتجى لهم طول العمر *** وقد أدخلت أجسادهم ظلمة القبـر

And how many of young ones are expected to live long
But their bodies are made to enter the darkness of the grave.

وكـم من عروس زينوها لعرسـها *** وقد قبضت أرواحهم ليلـة القـدر

And how many of a bride have they beautified for her husband
And their souls have been seized on the night of decree.

وكـم من صحيح مات من غير علة *** وكم من سقيم عاش حينا من الدهر

And how many of a healthy one dies without an illness
And how many of an ill one has lived for a good time

فـمن عـاش ألفـا وألفيـن إنـه *** لابـد من يـوم يسـير إلىالقبـر

So whoever lives for a thousand and more
He must one day, make his way to his grave

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Anonymous said...

Assalamu `alaykum,

Such true words. May Allah Ta`ala give us the tawfeeq to see this temporary life as it really is; Ameen.

Veiled Muslimah said...


Fajr said...

Jazaakillahu khayran sis :-)

The second poem beginining 'Take taqwa as your provision...' is not attributed to 'Ali ibn abi Talib (ra) as far as I know, just the one on oppression.

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