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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

وَمَا نَقَمُواْ مِنۡہُمۡ إِلَّآ أَن يُؤۡمِنُواْ بِٱللَّهِ ٱلۡعَزِيزِ ٱلۡحَمِيدِ

And they had no fault except that they believed in Allâh, the All-Mighty, Worthy of all Praise! (8) [Al-Burooj]

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caravanofmartyrs said...

assalamu alaykum dear ukhtee,

barakallahu feek for your comment.

May you and your family have a very blessed Ramadan this year inshAllah.

Keep in your dua please,


Veiled Muslimah said...

wa alaykumsalam warahmutallah

wa feek :)

ameen to the dua. May Allah subhanna wa ta3la give you the best in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.

Keep me in your duas too.


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Surat Al-Anfal - Verse 2
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