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Asalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi wabarakath,

Althought initially I'm still supposed to be away from blogger, I read an article which i needed to share.

This article talks about how Iraqi refugees have turned to sex trade in Syria. Subhanallah, the article left me with a heavy and sad heart. A Muslim Womans honour and modesty is of great importance to her, and I shudder to think about what these one Hijabi girls, protected and covered, go through once they are forced into prostitution.

"Back home in Iraq, Umm Hiba’s daughter was a devout schoolgirl, modest in her dress and serious about her studies. Hiba, who is now 16, wore the hijab, or Islamic head scarf, and rose early each day to say the dawn prayer before classes.

But that was before militias began threatening their Baghdad neighborhood and Umm Hiba and her daughter fled to Syria last spring. There were no jobs, and Umm Hiba’s elderly father developed complications related to his diabetes.

Desperate, Umm Hiba followed the advice of an Iraqi acquaintance and took her daughter to work at a nightclub along a highway known for prostitution. “We Iraqis used to be a proud people,” she said over the frantic blare of the club’s speakers. She pointed out her daughter, dancing among about two dozen other girls on the stage, wearing a pink silk dress with spaghetti straps, her frail shoulders bathed in colored light."

Is this what Bush calls the 'liberation' of the Iraqi people? If there had been no invasion of Iraq, we would not have seen the amount of Iraqi refugees we see today. Neither would we have seen the sectarian violence escalate so much.

However, it is not only Bush that needs to be blamed. The death squads and the sectarian violence that is going on in Iraq needs to stop. They do not realise that the more they will fight, the more Bush and his 'army of terror' will stay on in Iraq and that they are helping in making their own Country unstable.

I will not be surprised if Bush is using the Divide and Rule Policy. The West has used it before (The British rule over India), what is to stop them from using it now?

I also feel the need to criticise the Syrian government and the Muslim Ummah in general.

Subhanallah, instead of allowing these Mothers to prostitute their daughters, why do they not provide them with work or something that will generate a halal income? I'll go as far as to say that polygyny should be seen as one such solution. Atleast it is better then having the Iraqi Women and girls sell their bodies and instead give them the rights and protection that is offered under marriage. Atleast they will not be humiliated like they are now. And seriously, how can a Mother sell her daughter like that? It boggles my mind.

During the time of the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasallam and the time of the al-Khulafā’ur-Rāshidūn, not a single woman or widow was left unwed. Especially in the times of War, the Sahabah used to make sure that no Woman or widow was left alone to suffer and instead gave them protection and shelter.

Look at the Muslim governments, can they not combine and help the Iraqi refugees? The Muslim Ummah is like one body, when one part is hurt, the other too feels the pain. And yet, people barely know about this.

Infact, if we go through the article, the majority of the customers are Saudis. Muslim Men. Men who should be trying to help their Brothers and Sisters in Islam in their time of need.

"Inexpensive Iraqi prostitutes have helped to make Syria a popular destination for sex tourists from wealthier countries in the Middle East. In the club’s parking lot, nearly half of the cars had Saudi license plates."

I have not an ounce of respect for Muslim Men who drink alcohol or visit prostitution houses.


May Allah subhanna wa ta'ala help those girl and provide them with a halal income.

May Allah subhanna wa ta'ala never test us with trials such as these.

Allahumma Ameen.

[To read the whole article, click here]

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Umm Layth said...

And that mother should have feared Allaah before having taken the advise to make her daughter do what she did. Subhaanallaah!

Sumaya said...

Ofcourse she shouldnt have and it is wrong, but sometimes in situations like that and along with weak iman , we dont know what we would have done . Allahuma 3aafinaa ..

May Allahs swt guide her and us to that which is right..
May Allah swt give us more "real men " who struggle to lift the humiliation from this Ummah rather then struggling to find more women..
Allahuma Ameen

Jinnzaman said...

I'm at a loss for words at how terribly tragic this is and I'm too angry to say anything anything constructive so I'll just make du'a.

May Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) assist the mujahideen in expelling the kuffar from Muslim lands and restore the Khalifate to protect the honor of our brothers and sisters and provide a halal alternative so our sisters don't have to engage in this behavior. Ameen.

h said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veiled Muslimah said...

Ameen to the all the duas.

muwahidah said...

Allahumma Ameen

Nuqtah said...

Pretty Sad. Not surprised at all that most of the customers were fat saudi pigs...

May Allah help us. ameen.

Nabeel said...

Subhanallah! You'd think that because of what the Muslim world is going through today, people would be becoming more practicing of their Deen; instead, you have Muslim men drinking and visiting whore houses!

May Allah protect us.

Anonymous said...

some muslim men prefer the haram over halal. Allah has permitted them up to 4 yet they refuse what Allah has given us and shamelessy go for what Allah has prohibited.

Muslim wives and mothers are also at fault for closing their eyes on what evil the men are doing rather than guiding the men to some Halal.

Iraf women and children and oil are now "Free" or almost free as under $20..


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