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Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi Wabarakath,

The latest hot-topic around the World right now is the Muslim Veil.

We have Jack Straw from Britain, who asked Muslim Women if they would remove their Face veils when they come to visit him in his surgery.

Who is he to tell People what to wear and what not to wear? People spout nonsense about the Muslim World, how it's so oppressed and not democratic. Little do they know, their own Countries aren’t exactly 'free' either.

Even though there is a difference of opinion among the Islamic Scholars if the Niqaab is fardh or Sunnah, it is still a part of Islam.

We live in a society which is rapidly changing and has changed from the last couple of years. If People can accept naked People walking around, Teenage girls and Women barely wearing anything, little boys and girls having pre-martial sex and same-sex marriages among other things, why can't they accept Women who wish to be modest and veil themselves?

If they have an issue about the Muslim Veil, they should have an issue with Nuns who cover themselves and surgeons who wear masks while doing surgery.

Not long ago, the thought of same-sex marriages was taboo. Now, it's become legal in some places. The thought of Men and Men living together and Women and Women together goes against nature, what we've been taught as children and the values of Family. But now, we consider it to be normal and as a part of society. It's become acceptable.

In Islam, the Woman is seen as the one who nurtures - the one who cares. The glue of the family. The status of the Mother is three times more compared to the Father. Islam promotes Family Values, respect to elders and strong ties between Friends and relatives.

A hadith [narration] states:

A man asked the Prophet: 'Whom should I honor most?' The Prophet replied: 'Your mother'. 'And who comes next?' asked the man. The Prophet replied: 'Your mother'. 'And who comes next?' asked the man. The Prophet replied: 'Your mother!'. 'And who comes next?' asked the man. The Prophet replied: 'Your father'" (Bukhari and Muslim).

The Niqaab and the Hijab do not oppress Muslim Women. Majority of Muslim Women, who wear the Veil, do so of their own free will.

I come in contact with a lot of Niqaabis. Two of my closest Friends are Niqaabis, recently I met someone who's doing 9th grade in High-school and she's Mashallah a Niqaabi. I was impressed and inspired. I hadn't even thought about Hijab when I was in 9th grade. I think most girls that age are too busy thinking about other things and not religion, but Mashallah she is guided. My Sister also is a Niqaabi.

These Women I know are one of the sweetest and strongest people I've ever met. They have beautiful personalities. They're like everybody else. They drive, they work, they study, and they too have lives. All of them started the Niqaab because they wanted to. Only difference is that, the Niqaab allows them to interact with people they want to and protects them. Her beauty is only for her husband and those who she is close too.

Personally, the Niqaab is also an act of becoming closer to Allah s.w.t for a lot of Muslim Women. It is a major step, because these days, it is hard to opt for Niqaab. For a lot of them, it is a struggle but a step towards good and it lifts their spirituality.

The Niqaab and Hijab bring out a Woman's personality without her being judged by her figure and Status.

These days, Women are used to promote goods and make more profit. You have posters of Cars and motor-bikes with half-naked Women on them, the Music Videos and Movies with girls dancing barely wearing anything and then you have the clothes and lingerie that is modeled.

These are but a few examples.

Islam alhamdulilah takes Muslim Women away from all of this. We are not a means to make money. We're humans with thoughts, feelings, and we should not be selling our bodies.

A lot of people who are uneducated about Islam think that Muslim Women who cover are oppressed. This is far from the reality of it. They should come in contact with these Niqaabis and Hijaabis and speak to Muslim Women first before they give out their opinions.

We don't want to be liberated. Islam liberates us

What's sadder is, that so called 'Muslim Countries' who in an attempt to become more 'modern' and 'westernized' too have started to think about banning the Muslim Veil.

France, Turkey and Tunisia have already banned Hijab.

Morroco is thinking about dropping the Head-scarf.

These Muslim Governments and authorities are forgetting about their akhira. This life is but a test, Allah S.W.T is greater then some Western Country. Who do they want to please more? Allah S.W.T or the World?

[Mulk 67:2] "...The One who created life and death to test you, who among you has the better deeds; and He only is the most Honourable, the Oft Forgiving..."

And the Quran goes on to say:

O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as 'Auliya' (friends, protectors, helpers etc.), they are but 'Auliya' to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as 'Auliya' then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers and unjust)."

The Noble Qur'ân: Al-Ma'idah 5:51

Over all, it's a sorry state we're in. We're being targeted from all sides, but Inshallah we will come out strong.

I end this post with a dua from the Quran:

"Our Lord! Make us not a trial for the disbelievers, and forgive us, Our Lord! Verily, You, only You are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise."


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Anonymous said...

Just blogged on this topic. I don't have your knowledge of the topic, but the poem from Naima Roberts is apt.

Mohammed from the UK

Al-Hanbali said...

asalamu aleykum

its nothing wrong with the niqab, but the kuffar hate our deen, and hate us when we follow it

by the way its not quite appropriate to have that picture
jazakum Allahu khairan

Lirun said...

you have a lot of passion.. i can understand that.. i have passion to about many things.. including my heritage and tradition and destiny and spirituality and surfing which is a major part of my life..

i agree that western women arent entirely free.. i think its interesting that spain this year banned ultra skinny models while the Uk permitted them to parade clothes on catwalks.. i think western women are bound by image related messages that are very oppressive - more than anything against the body but also against the soul and mind.. but at the same time there are some very empowering aspects to the female beauty that leaves women ahead in many many ways..

i think there are interesting and beautiful things in both philosophies and ways of life.. and i think respecting one's own culture is beautiful too.. i guess the question is how does it all balance up..

if a gay guy immigrated to a muslim country would it be ok for him to exercise his heart and kiss guys in public? if a brazillian girl lived in dubai could she wear a gstrong and samba down the streets freely? or would they have to abide by the local custom to a certain extent.. if so - why should this not be mutual?

im not advocating either way.. i am just curious to hear your thoughts



mortalmuslim said...

thats an open conspiracy against islam and is a sign that day of judment is drawing closer when all the jews and christians are going against Islam!!and that to openly....
This is the worst thing they r doing i mean hijab is our identity our religion,the deepest of our soul............they will never succeed intheir plans inshallah!!
exactly a womens' beauty is just because of her husband and she has no right 2 share it with someone else so niqab is her fave..
mashallah sis u wrote beautifully
may Allah guide the whole muslim Ummah to the rite path.

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum I would just like to say that i enjoyed your explanation of the niqab issue on the community blog. Living in the UK MUSLIMS ARE beginning to feel attacked for practising our deen for the last couple of months or so every day in the media and buy the government muslims have been attacked. If it is not the niqab "we are told to spy on own children in case they are becoming too extreme" today on the radio it had about the government funding a website that encourages young muslims that islam is a paficist type of religion

Anonymous said...

I think the muslim women in the UK are just putting on those facial veils and cloths to disturb the white, Christian people of the UK. The muslims want to upset them and show how powerful and brazen they are. Interestingly, of the worlds major religions, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and islam, only islam puts women in a special category of submission and dictates that they should cover their faces and bodies. Any discrimination against women is wrong. The fact that many islamic women say they "want" the veil, just indicates that they are brainwashed by fanatical men who control the islamic religion.

Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Baha'is, and other great religions do not do this. Only islam does it because I think islam is really a set of arabian cultural dictates molded into a "religion" to ensure the genetic and cultural survival of the bedouin tribes of ancient arabia.

Bilal said...

Really enjoyed your post- interesting, informative and sensible!

@anonymous: You are clearly not too bright! Islam encourages men AND women to dress modestly and lower their gazes!
All 'Abrahamic' faiths, including Judaism and Christianity all encouraged the same until they were secularized! Secularism is a 'religion' of its own- YOU have been brain washed if you haven't realised that yet!
In fact, 'Orthodox' Jews still encourage the same- check your facts before you make such silly statements!

@veiled muslimah:
Eid Mubarak to you and your family!

mortalmuslim said...

exactly as u say anonymous that muslims are still following the religion which was revealed years ago they done go on updating their holy books and change the manners of religion!!
Islam is a dintict religion and is universal regardless of any creed,caste or culture like u said they are trying to be old araba that is wron.islam welcomes anyone to this religion,It is the greatest and most true religion because it is different from others.
may allah guide u to the rite path!

Anonymous said...

I believe that allah is a fake god -- it's nothing but a character created by mohammad and a few followers. allah was the moon god in ancient arabian religious tradition. Now they want to make him some kind of real God? And fool the people? Muslims need to be liberated and freed from the oppression of a fake religion! FREE YOUR MIND and stop following nonsense because u are weak and insecure and afraid to stand up yourself! And stop oppressing and tyrannizing women! The real God (the Christian God) will punish u for it, in the end!

Veiled Muslimah said...

anonymous: Don't stay stuff about Islam which you don't know about. Islam does not oppress Women. Infact, it stopped Female children from being killed at birth. And Allah s.w.t was never considered the 'moon' God. Muslims don't worship anything like the Sun or the Moon.

If you think Islam oppressed Women, why do you think so many Women from all over the world [Including christian Women] covernt to Islam?

And a happy Eid Mubarak to all. May Allah s.w.t accept our good deeds and forgive us our sins. Ameen.


mortalmuslim said...

anonymous the biggest proof of Allah is the whole world who created the whole world??wat is the difference between christian God and a Muslim God?isnt it only One God who created all human beings whether cristian or muslims!!do u knw the history of Islam or christanity if not then u shouldnt comment on ppl like this.
I am a muslim and s glad to follow islam no one in the whole world is oppresing me or enforcing it on me its my own free will and likewise many other Muslims do.If they were forced dont they have their won voices they would have shouted to the whole world thru this fast media that Islam is enforced but no!!All of us are happy being muslims and are hoping for the reward from God.
plzzz think witha broad mind think on both sides!and veiled Muslimah Got a point y everyday the number in muslims increasing y r ppl accepting Islam.I have read many experiences and most of the say that Islam gave them the satisfaction Islam gave a peace to their soul.y do they say that if they r forced to follow Islam.
and i would say that again islam is universa and not just related to arabia.If prophet (SAW) was born in arabia we cant say that he was a guidence for only the ppl of arabia but he was reavealed as guidence for whole mankind!!remeber the word mankind!!every human whether christian or muslim.
and plzzz read the history of ur religion and Islam u will learn loadz
Eid mabrook veiled sis!
and wasalam to u

Al-Hanbali said...

asalamu aleykum

i hope you read my previous comment

and Eid Mubarak

Anonymous said...

ok, my wife is a former muslimah from Lebanon. She was a sunni. In 1997 when I went over there and met her, she was very strong in her faith but then I took her into a Roman Catholic Church over there, and I told her about Jesus, who is not just a prophet. The religion of islam is very interesting, it has minimized the true meaning of Jesus's teachings. Jesus taught a lot of beautiful, revolutionary thinking which was never taught before in any religion in history. The Qur'an simply passes over all this, and says He was a "prophet", says he talked when he was a baby, but doesn't tell anything about the beauty of his teachings. When my wife found out about the real teachings of Jesus Christ, she converted to Christianity. Now she makes our baby sleep with a Cross in his crib!

I respect you muslim people and wish you a happy Eid, but listen to the truth. Read the Christian Bible for once in your lives. It just may change you!

mortalmuslim said...

anonymous sir i now understood ur situation.
u said "says he talked when he was a baby, but doesn't tell anything about the beauty of his teachings. " thats wrong In Islam we have to belive in the teaching of EEsa(jesus) who was another prophet od God.
this verse is evidence
Surah Number: 2, Ayah Number: 253
Of these Messengers, We have preferred some above others. To some Allah spoke; and some He raised in rank. We gave (Prophet) Jesus, the son of Mary, clear signs and strengthened him with the Spirit of Purity (Gabriel). Had Allah willed, those who succeeded them would not have fought against one another after the clear verses came to them. But they differed among themselves; some believed, and others disbelieved. Yet had Allah willed, they would not have fought against one another. Allah does whatever He will.
The quraan told the story of maryam (mary) in respectful way.The following verse states
Surah Number: 3, Ayah Number: 42
And when the angels said to Mary: 'Allah has chosen you and purified you. He has chosen you above all women of the worlds.
This verse is the evidence that eesa was son of mary not the son of God!!
Surah Number: 3, Ayah Number: 45
When the angels said: 'O Mary, Allah gives you glad tidings of a Word (Be) from Him, whose name is Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary. He shall be honored in this world and in the Everlasting Life - and he shall be among those who are close.
Surah Number: 4, Ayah Number: 156
Also for their disbelief and their saying about Mary a great calumny,
Another verse of quraan says
Surah Number: 4, Ayah Number: 157
and for their saying, 'We killed the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger (and Prophet) of Allah.' They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but to them, he (the crucified) had been given the look (of Prophet Jesus). Those who differ concerning him (Prophet Jesus) are surely in doubt regarding him, they have no knowledge of him, except the following of supposition, and (it is) a certainty they did not kill him.
sir, if u say that jesus was the son of god but in some places christians says Jesus was a God!!why is there contradiction??
This is the verse which says about the teachings of Jesus and more deatil not only that he spoke in cradle,which is a sign of his miraculous birth.
Surah Number: 5, Ayah Number: 110
When Allah said: '(Prophet) Jesus, son of Mary, remember the favor upon you and on your mother; how I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit (Gabriel), to speak to people in your cradle and of age (when he descends and dies); how I taught you the Book and Wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel; and how, by My permission, you fashioned from clay the likeness of a bird, and breathed into it so that, by My permission, it became a living bird. How, by My permission, you healed the blind man and the leper, and by My permission you brought the dead forth; and how I protected you from the Children of Israel when you brought them clear signs; whereupon the unbelievers among them said: "This is nothing but plain magic".
here the Quraan talked about his miracles.Every prophet is given some miracles like wise jesus was given miracles by Allah which are described in the above verse.
and there is another verse which rubs all the misconseptions about jesus being a God or jesus being a son of GOD.
Surah Number: 5, Ayah Number: 116
And when Allah said: '(Prophet) Jesus, son of Mary, did you ever say to the people: "Take me and my mother for two gods, other than Allah?" 'Exaltations to You,' he said, 'how could I say that to which I have no right? If I had said that, You would have surely known. You know what is in my self, but I do not know what is in Yours. Indeed, You are the Knowledgeable of the unseen

mortalmuslim said...

sir i just wanted to explain this ok lets say ur wife accepted christianity but if she had strong faith did she give u all the evidences that i gave in above verses.How can anyone who read that verses accept the opposite??
Jesus was the son of mary who gave bith to him miraculously.This is wat the quraan inform us and we Muslims belive in jesus and we also belive in the book he was given.The verses clearly says this.The very first veses of quraan:
Surah Number: 2, Ayah Number: 2
That is the (Holy) Book, where there is no doubt. It is a guidance for the cautious (of evil and Hell).

Surah Number: 2, Ayah Number: 4
Who believe in that which has been sent down to you (Prophet Muhammad) and what has been sent down before you (to Prophets Jesus and Moses) and firmly believe in the Everlasting Life.
see in the quraan it is mentioned that we have to beliv in all the books Allah revealed on his prophets among which is bible but,
Is bible the same then the one which was reavealed 2000 years ago?dont ppl get updated edision of bible isnt bible changed?
the verse clearly states that we belive in the bible which was revealed 2000 years ago not the updated editions.
becoz there had been a lot of changes in it.
this verse is a really good evidence
Surah Number: 5, Ayah Number: 72
The unbelievers are those who say: 'Allah is the Messiah, the son of Mary.' But the Messiah said: 'Children of Israel, worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.' He who associates anything with Allah, Allah has indeed forbidden Paradise to him, and his abode shall be in the Fire. The harmdoers shall have no helpers.

a woman accepted islam becoz her question was unanswered which is
Also why if Jesus is part of God would he say "My god why have thou forsaken me"?yes wats the answer for this y would he call"My GOd" if he is God or son of God???
that is another of her question
why would God have to crucify his son to save mankind?
i respect ur views fully sir but these are the evidences i gave u i can give more and more because the truth is always the truth.
I would again say Quraan has provided a lot of detail about jesus and it has not minimized his teachins futhermore remember it was revealed on Prophet Muhammed and it is a word of Allah not written by any human being just as he gave his words to eesa(jesus)

Sakeena Marie said...

As Salaamu Alaikum I just figured out how to view the blogs of people who commented on my blog...hehe...a little slow. Its very nice what you have written. I am in Sharjah..we have a Muslim womens writers group...usually at the beginning of each month InshaAllah if you want to come please let me know, I'll give you my e-mail address.

Take care
As Salaamu Alaikum

palo-girl said...

loved your post. i posted on the topic once, but i think you said it a lot better

Anonymous said...

The answer to all our Muslim friends about Jesus is this:

1) Is he God or Son of God? ANSWER: There is only one God, who created the universe, but in order for us to be closer to God, we have to understand His nature. Just as all humans have a personality or an essence -- a uniqueness -- God has a unique form and substance. Jesus has revealed much about God in the New Testament. Jesus reveals that God is one, but has three "aspects", sometimes called "persons". This does NOT mean that God is three people, or three separate entities. He is one single God, but there are sort of three facets to his being (like facets of a diamond that can be viewed from different angles). God "the Fathter" is the aspect of God which created the universe. God "the Son" is Jesus. According to Christian theology, Jesus existed with the Father in Heaven from the beginning of time (i.e., for eternity). Jesus, or God "the Son" emanates from God "the Father". Jesus is also called "the Word". The Word is a sort of shorthand for "the message" of God. If God the Father exists beyond the physical world, Jesus (God the Son) is God's manifestation in the physical world. Since Jesus has both eternal and physical aspects, it was the Son who was born on Earth to represent God among us, and to teach us about God. The Son also has within Him the standard by which God the Father judges right and wrong, and by which he measures our actions. Jesus "sits at the right hand of the Father" and will judge us on Judgment Day. His visitation to the Earth was only temporary (33 years), and living as a man, he was cruelly crucified and killed. But, because God is eternal, he displayed his power through Jesus, and Jesus was resurrected from the dead to show all mankind the way to eternal life -- by worshiping God. Jesus is NOT a separate person, or a separate being from God. The Christian religion does not teach that. Christian doctrine teaches that Jesus is one aspect of God. From the love of God for His Son (Jesus), and the love of Jesus for His Father, emanates the third aspect of God, the Holy Spirit, which is discussed and mentioned by Jesus Christ in the New Testament, numerous times. The Holy Spirit, again, is not a separate entity from God -- it is an aspect of God which represents God in everything and everyone -- including God within each of us! This is the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity that Christians believe. (Supposedly, the Qur'an says that Christians think Mary is the Third member of the Holy Trinity -- this is emphatically not true. Mary was the Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ -- she is not part of God or an aspect of the Holy Trinity.)

2) Why did Jesus say, "God (Father), why have you forsaken me?" ANSWER: Even though Jesus is part of God (for us simple human beings, we say the "Son of God"), he was still able to call upon his Father in prayer. Jesus was both God AND Man. If you, as a Muslim, believe Allah (God) can do ANYTHING, then you certainly must believe that God can appear on the Earth as a man, and that that man can be at the same time, both really God and really a flesh-and-blood man. God has the ability to be anywhere at once, including multiple places at the same time! It is not for us to say something is "impossible" for God!

mortalmuslim said...

""and living as a man, he was cruelly crucified and killed""
by whom??? who crucified him....if he was a God how could he be crucified???
Supposedly, the Qur'an says that Christians think Mary is the Third member of the Holy Trinity -- this is emphatically not true. Mary was the Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ -- she is not part of God or an aspect of the Holy Trinity.)
Quraan aslo stated that mary was virgin and mother of jesus and she is not part of God.But that beats if u also say the same thing that mary was vigin and motherof Jesus then wasnt he a human??if his mother was human and he had no father.
and also
u said"it is an aspect of God which represents God in everything and everyone -- including God within each of us!" wat is that suppose to mean when u said God is one then u said he is three(he has three aspects) then wat does that mean "God within each of us" Can God be present in each human?Do u mean to Say God is everyone??even Quraan called jesus the word of Allah(God)
Surah Number: 3, Ayah Number: 45
When the angels said: 'O Mary, Allah gives you glad tidings of a Word (Be) from Him, whose name is Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary. He shall be honored in this world and in the Everlasting Life - and he shall be among those who are close

Islam states That God is only one.He had no other parts no other spirits.And if there had been more then one God then they would fight with each other how to run the universe like ancient greeks Gods mehology.The main part of accepting islam is Shahadah which states "There is no God bexcept Allah and Muhammed is the last prophet of Allah"

Allah says in Quraan
this is the verse of quraan
"Surah Number: 2, Ayah Number: 116
They say: 'Allah has taken (to Himself) a son.' Exaltations to Him (Allah). For Him is what is in the heavens and the earth, all are obedient to Him."

The quraan states
"Surah Number: 4, Ayah Number: 171
People of the Book, do not exaggerate your religion. Do not say about Allah except the truth. Indeed, the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, is only a Messenger (and Prophet) of Allah, and His Word (Be) which He gave to Mary, and a (created) spirit by Him. So believe in Allah and His Messengers and do not say: 'Trinity.' Refrain, it is better for you. Allah is only One God. Exaltations to Him that He should have son! To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth, it is sufficient that Allah is the Guardian.
This verse completely contradicts the belief opf trinity It stetes that God (Allah) is only ONE and he is alone controlling the whole universe.He has no partener son,wife or anything!!
The quraan says:
Surah Number: 112, Ayah Number: 3
Who has not given birth, and has not been born
Surah Number: 112, Ayah Number: 4
and there is none equal to Him.'

Hajar said...

Religious people have always had to struggle against the non-religious entities who wished to erradicate them.
See my blog:

There you will find a picture and a link to a book called "THE MARTYRS MIRROR." This is a collection of stories about Christians who were martyred for their beliefs from the time Christ left, until the 1600's. It is an enormous history book and serves as a reminder that religious people have always suffered persecution and had indignities imposed on matter what religion it was. Islam, Christian, Jewish etc. have all gone through periods of terrible persecution. Right now it just happens to be us...and I believe it is a test.

mortalmuslim said...

right hajar its a test!which we have to pass with full marks and its the most difficult test!

sheryza said...

Mashallah that was an excellent post. Reallay enjoyed it. There an ayah which i could not find, but inshallah i will send it when i find it. I t goes to the effect the day will come when bad actions seem good and good actions will seem reprehensible. So that part when you wrote about the people accepting disgusting scenerio but coudn't accept a woman covering always reminds me of that. This life is a test for us and it get harder with every up and coming day.May Allah help us all. ameen

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