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Assalam Alaykum warahmutallahi wabarakath,

If you have been following the news, you'll know Israel has attacked Lebanon. And also plans to attack Syria. It also has U.S backing.

Why am i not surprised?

SubhanAllah. More innocent lives lost, more people slaughtered, tortured and raped.

I hope the Muslim Ummah wakes up and stands together to fight against Israel.

Israel is attacking airports, civilians and houses. Yet, the world stays silent. If it was a Muslim who'd done this, they World, [Note: U.S, Israel and Co] would've been shouting.

Their excuse, they want to free two soliders. Which i think is totally stupid and just that, an excuse.

Till now, it is the civilians who've been targetted. Babies who've been torn apart. The U.S says it backs Israel because it is doing self-defence. *deep breath* What kind of self defence? So when Israel is doing that, which is not self defence and is still supported but when the Palistinians, the Iraqis, the Afghanis resist and fight for Fesabililah they are termed 'terrorists'. Double standards? I'm so angry right now, but it's better to be calm.

May Allah s.w.t destory the oppressors and unite the Ummah.
May Allah s.w.t give us strenght and victory.
May Allah s.w.t protect our brothers' and sisters' in Islam.
May Allah s.w.t give the Mujahideen strenght and sabr.


Pray for the Ummah.

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Al-Hajeji said...

It feels like another war is occuring. The Ummah is being attacked left, right and centre!!!

May Allah help us.

Suhahil (UK) said...

One feels so inadequate watching the pain and misery befalling our innocent brothers and sisters. Thank you so much for highlighting this cause.

I love Munich said...

I am almost at a loss of words which does happen to me very rarely - I just don't know anymore which words to use to express my horror, my disbelief, my deep compassion for the people, my feeling of helplessness, my disappointment about the deafening silence of other Arabic countries who, again, only lamely agree to disagree about what to do next and on the other hand about the rest of the world who looks direction America like the mouse into the eye of a snake while being hypnotized and ... and my bottomless anger!!
I wish to GOD I could do something to help ... all we can do is pray - and support our Lebanese friends psychologically!

Noor said...

Salam Alaikum wa rahmatallahu wa barakathu Sister(s) in islam.

I totally agree with you! The world is blind and we are once again left in the shadow! We are beeing seen as the evil, the criminals; Bush says Israel has the right to defend its country, that ALL nations have the right to defend their country! All countries>> between the lines all non muslim arab countries!
Im so sick of the west! A christian lebanese man said to french tv after bombings in his neihbour hood -where is the hizbollah here? there's none! But believe me when I say we are ALL hizbollah now!

I was born in Europe and still live here; (inchAllah my husband I will movie to a muslim country in the near future!!!)
and ppl are blind SUBHANALLAH blind.

Almira said...

Nice blog. There is no justification for what is happening in Lebanon, besides a political party not getting their needs met so they take out on a entire country. It is really sad to see people behaving so badly. I pray that one day people will stop such senseless cruelty. Good post, Salaam.

Umm Layth said...


A sister told me that some sisters don't even know about all the recent news with the Ummah. The Ummah is ignoring reality in the west for the most part, thinking they will be safe... but it will hit us harder soon, allaahu a3lam...

may ALlaah protect us all aameen

Ahmad said...

Ameen to the duas.
Very nice blog mashallah

Mujahideen Ryder said...

Ameen the duas.

Umm Azzam said...

Asalaamu Alaikum sis,

MashAllah love ur posts as usual..yea it does seem that the muslim world is being attacked left and right BUT good news is injustice has never been clearer and America has never been stupider ,to me it seems that the end of Isreal and US is coming near as promised in Surah Israa.
O Allah ..Make us all soldiers of ur deen and take our souls while fighting for you alone ..Ameen

Jazakillahu khairan again sis,n hope 2 see ya wen u get bk ..Ma salaamah

Niqaabi1210 said...

I'm pretty sure I know whats going on with Israel and Lebanon. Only reason I would like to support Lebanon is because of Israel. Other than that I have no intentins to support messed up idiotic people.

Lebanon have been following the footsteps of shaytaan which is united snakes of amrikka. Bellydancers, discos, unlawful singing, and what not?

They were the worse comparing to others out there.

There might good and bad people everywhere, but like as khateeb said in the khutbah today, Now that they are on the war against Israel, they need our help? but what happened when they were following the ignorant culture of USA?

I really hope Allah's wrath must not befall on our Muslim Ummah.

We all know by the end of the day its going to be victory of our Muslim Ummah insha'aAllah.

People who remain on Haqq and die with imaan in their hearts will be among the dwellers of paradise inshaAllah.

Asalmaaulaykum wa rahmatullah

DXB_Muslim said...

Ameen to your duas..

Jamroll said...

Salam sis,

Mashallah, lovely blog. And good post aswell.

Thing is, we can try and look at why Israle did this, or why Israle did that, but the fact of the matter is that much of the news media these days, unfortunately is less objective fact reporting, and more propaganda tool. They tend to regurgitate whatever the official government line.

You could call it a kind of an unholy collusion between those in power (i.e., the governments) and those who are supposed to keep the power holders in check (i.e., the journalists and news media). Sometimes it is deliberate, and at others it is a naive and childlike insistence that "our government" always acts for benign purposes. The truth, sadly, is that the motives of governments are often less than altruistic.

In short, take what's reported with a pinch of salt.

My personal view is that the idea that all this is being done to retrieve a handful of Israeli soldiers is farcical and inconsistent with what is actually going on.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


uae alias said...

Have you been feeling sick of what's going on lately in Palestine, Iraq and now Lebanon? Do you feel like shouting? saying no? having a say on what is happening in Lebanon?
Yes! We are going to protest in the Cornish of AbuDahbi on THU, 27 of JUL, 2006 after AL Asr Prayer.
Make sure to bring your own signs, flags, posters, brochures, etc...
Make sure to let as many of your friends aware of this event, the more the better.
هل سئمت مما يحدث مؤخراً في العراق وفلسطين والآن لبنان؟ هل تريد أن تصرخ؟ أن تقول لا، أن يكون لك كلمة وصوت مسموع عن ما يحدث في لبنان؟
نعم ! سنتظاهر في كورنيش أبوظبي، يوم الخميس الموافق ال 27 من يوليو 2006 بعد صلاة العصر.
تأكد من إحضار أي من الأعلام أو اللافتات التي قد تود استخدامها، ومن إعلام أكبر عدد من معارفك اللذين قد يودون الاشتراك في المظاهرة.

dunga gunda said...

asalamualaykum...yeah its pretty frustrating what's goin on. insh'Allah hope you have a safe trip back home

The Rendezvous said...

Great Blog..

Walahi we are really in a very BIG trial..I hope real muslims will come out the "Winners"..

Let us struggle to take the message of Islam to as far as possible..

KAR said...


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