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Assalam Alaykum,

I'm so depressed right now and angry, it's awful. Have you read the news yet? Have you?

Just recently there's been a case about an Iraqi woman being raped by five U.S Marines and her family being killed. Subhanallah! It makes me so angry.
EDIT: I just found out today, the "woman" was a girl of 15 years. Subhanallah... :-/

May Allah s.w.t punish the Kuffar who torture and humiliate Muslims. Ameen.

I was just thinking about what she must be feeling. The torture, the pain, the humility... Inshallah she is in Jannah. She was burned alive after that.

Excerpt from the article:

"Up to five soldiers are being investigated in the March killings, the fifth pending case involving alleged slayings of Iraqi civilians by U.S. troops.

The Americans entered the Sunni Arab's family home, separated three males from the woman, raped her and burned her body using a flammable liquid in a cover-up attempt, a military official close to the investigation said. The three males were also slain.

The soldiers had studied their victims for about a week and the attack was "totally premeditated," the official said on condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing. The family had just moved into the home in the insurgent-riddled area around Mahmoudiya, 20 miles south of Baghdad..."

The full story can be found on Yahoo News.

Innil lilahi wa inna ilahi rajioun.

I was in tears when i read it. This is what's happening to our Brothers' and Sisters' in Islam. Now it's her, next it could be me or you, or our own personal relatives. Just think about it.

What i get angry about is how some Muslims still support the West in their 'war' and still side with them instead of their own Brothers and Sisters. Wallahi... it get's me so angry. Why ally with the kuffar? And some other people who don't support the Mujahideen and have the audacity to curse them. Have they experienced what those people have?
We're here, in the safety of our homes and not experiencing what they have. It is not up to us to judge their actions. Atleast they fight and do Jihad for the sake of Allah s.w.t. At least they fight for their families, their children, their Women, their people. And some people still curse them, including Muslims.

Atleast support your own troops.

Yes, i do support the Mujahideen. But the one's who fight those who fight them and the one who do just Jihad according to the rules of Islam and Allah s.w.t. May Allah s.w.t protect them and help them. May he give them sabr and strength.

One must wonder why is this happening to Muslims? The Muslim world is silent, still. We're sleeping. There are so many of us, but do numbers really count? No. It is our Imaan and taqwa. We're so weak, and we run after the worldly life, forgetting Allah s.w.t. If our Imaan was strong, like those of the Muslims during the prophet S.A.W.S time was, would we be suffering like this? No. We wouldn't be.
Wasn't there a battle fought during the time of the Prophet S.A.W.S where the believers were little in number compared to the enemies, but still they won? Because their Imaan and taqwa were strong and they did Ibaadah.

How many time do we remember Allah s.w.t other then during Salaah? How many times a day do we ask for his forgiveness? Subhanallah...

We're so down below.

May Allah s.w.t forgive us our sins.
May he protect us and help us.
May Allah s.w.t grant the woman and her family Jannah.
May Allah s.w.t. punish the enemies of Islam and put fear in their hearts.
May Allah s.w.t unite us, make our Ummah strong, increase our Imaan and taqwa.



Pray for the Muslims of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, the people suffering in Guantanamo and everywhere else. It's the least you could do.

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Edward Ott said...

The situation in Iraq seems to be getting worse and worse, or is it we are just getting more of the news now. how many of these atrocities have gone unreported.


DXB_Muslim said...

Subhan Allah!
How'd I miss out this blog?
Ameen to your du'as!

OutLaw said...

Asalaamu Alaikum sister

This is what our Ummah has come to. We're so low that our sisters honour is violated and we sleep. Our brothers are locked up and humiliated in prisons and we sleep. Our lands are being destroyed and we sleep.

The Ummah is one body, if one part hurts the whole body feels pain... but are we truely feeling thier pain?

Allahuma ansar al mujahideen fi kuli makaan.

allaboutgq said...

Yet, Sheikh Osama, Sheikh Zarqawi (Raheemullah) and the rest of the mujahideen are mocked and bashed for defending the Muslims such as the woman got raped.

Ironic, isnt it?

Abdul Rahman Hilmi said...

assalamu alaikum
However much it breaks my heart hearing this news, walah I do see good days coming. If only the Muslims just revolt against their corrupt rulers walah things will be very different. The mere fact that life is getting worse everyday for the Muslims is a step closer towards the day Muslims will wake up inshallah. I really do believe that this state of defeat could not last very long. We can even see alot of Muslims coming stronger to their deen.

alhamdullilah and may Allah let me live to see the day we crush the skull of those pigs.


I love Munich said...

I have definitely heard of this incredible crime which was committed against this young woman (who was ONLY 15??) and am not a wee-bit less shocked and appalled than you are! The details you describe - as much as they turn my stomach around - were uknown to me ... that only shows how much the news are censored! It is always carefully watched that NOTHING is said which could in any way be against the occupier ... and alone THAT fact is driving me up the roof!! I was already many times in BOILING hot water (and worse) while explaining how miserable occupation in general is and to NOT expect the occupied to sit still while the occupier steals and kills!

The BIG problem here in the West - I guess Abdul Rahman will be able to agree - is the cowardess of people to open their mouth! The overall statement one gets when even STARTING to talk about this issue is " I don't want to get involved" .. another reason for me to explode!

To be fair though I have to say that there ARE people around here who do NOT agree to shut up and loudly and clearly voice their opinion regardless of any danger they might run into by doing so - but of course by FAR not enough!
What shocks me MOST is the deafening silence of ALL Arab states!! NOBODY is willing to stand up and organize support in order to reach a situation which would at least make the US think twice if to continue to unconditionally support this Zionist regime - ALL are afraid they will lose privileges! It is utterly disgusting me!!

BTW .. I found your blog through al-hajeji!! It is very nice .. I'll come more often to visit you!

Almira said...

I feel so sorry for the sister, some people in the armed forces get too power hungry to the point were they see the Iraqi people not as human beings any more. Nice post, Salaams.

zingtrial said...

I have lived with it
sorry for all in Iraq,
dont get me started about Iraq
Wish you well

Hajar said...

The whole fiasco in Iraq just makes me ILL! I can't even watch the news.

Anonymous said...

your right this is appaling, however maybe if arab terrorists werent cutting the heads of americans off, then horrible stuff like this wouldnt happen.

Zadok said...

I noticed that this blog was anti torture, does that mean that you are also against the murder of innocent americans?

allaboutgq said...

Cutting the heads of Americans off is completely justified and permissible.

Get out and it will stop.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Assalam Alaykum Warahumutallahi wabarakath,

Jazakallah khair everyone for the comments. Ameen to all the duas.

Edward ott: Yes, that's what i was wondering too. I think this is just the tip of the ice-berg, i bet there are more stories out there, that we never see.

Outlaw: Walaykumasalam Sister. That's so true. Subhanallah... so many of our Sisters and Brothers are tortured and we stay silent. Ameen to your dua.

abdul rahman hilmi: I seriously hope so. I think part of the problem is our Imaan too.. it's so down low. May Allah s.w.t grant all of us Jannah and victory.

I love munich: Hi! You make a lot of good points. It's true the Musli World is silent right now, a lot of Muslims themselves say it. We should stand up, but a lot of the Ummah is weak. It's sad how some Muslims want this life instead of the Akhira and dont help their brothers' and sisters' because of fear.

Subhanallah... yes the news is censored in so many places. The media plays a big part in scaring people and not giving justice to those who deserve them. Of course Bush wouldn't want his people to see what his soldiers are exactly doing in Iraq, would he? Sigh. It's a cruel world out there. You'll notice, these stories never make the headlines and never appear on the first page of newspapers.

almira: Walaykum asalaam, thats true. In one documentary done by U.S soliders who are now against the Iraq war, they talked about the fact that they were taught that the Iraqis were lower then them, so they wouldn't get intimidated. One of their 'tactics' for training. :rolleyes:

anonymous: If you see, it's like a little cycle. The more atrocities American soldiers do in Iraq and Afghanistan, the more you'll have revenge attacks. Majority of the people who do this have seen their family members die, their people killed.

Zadok: Yes, this blog [meaning me] is against torture. If you mean innocent, as in not supporting the war in Iraq, not volunteering to kill innocent Iraqis and Afghanis, innocent civilians who go on with their life, yes then they are okay. Islam does not promote the killing of innocent civilians, regardless if they are Muslim or not. I don't support their murder.

However it's not that simple. You see, what about the innocent murder of Palistinians by Israelis, [Israel who is funded by America], what about the thousands of civilans who died in Iraq and Afghanistan? What about my brothers and Sisters in Islam around the world who are tortured simple because they'r Muslim? What about the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay who can't even have lawyers?

Isn't that injustice by U.S.A, a country which prides in being the most 'just' and the most 'civilised'?

Most of the men and women there are innocent. Let's not forget Abu Ghraib, where perverted sick American soldiers used extremely gruesome methods to torture innocent iraqis and rape women.

And now this, the rape of a 14 year old girl. I repeat, a 14 year old girl. [I know i said 15 in the article, but there have been recent updates that she not 15 but 14]. Done by who? American soldiers. What about Haditha? where they slaughtered innocent children, Women and Men.

Subhanallah! The atrocities done by American's are endless. Do you not then expect the men of these families, the brothers' these people to fight back?

To them, it is simple. The Americans have hurt their families, their people, who were innocent, so they'll fight back. For their Country, for their people, for their rights and for themselves.

The more the Americans will hurt the Muslims, the more payback they'll get because to us, all Muslims are brothers and Sisters, you'll have foreign fighters coming in the war torn countries to defend its people. Alhamdulilah for Islam.

Tell me, if you were in a similar situation, where your family was killed infront of your eyes, you mother and sister tortured [if you have them] you dad shot, and they were all innocent. Would you just let it go or would you not fight against them?

Hanna said...

Jazakallah for the excellent post sis.. everything you're saying is so true. It really is food for thought.

Angry said...

kuffar means infidel??
So, anyone who is not muslim is infidel, right? Not a very nice word. My faith may be different, but I am not a beast.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Assalam Alaykum,

Hanna: Wa iyyajum sister. I hope your doing good. Takecare of yourself.

Angry: Kuffar can be used in different ways. It also depends on who is using it and why. I don't usually use the word Kuffar unless i'm really angry and in this post i called Kuffar the American soliders and Co. who were toruring and killing innocent people.

No Kuffar does not mean beast. It has a variety of meanings, usually non-muslim. It can be used in a serious discussion and a non serious one. Basically instead of saying, 'non-muslim' [I.E- the american & british troops in Iraq and Afghanistan] in my post, i've said Kuffar.

Al-Hajeji said...

Abu Bakr once said: Women will not give birth to Men like Khalid Bin Al'Waleed!

Khalid bin Al'Waleed was called the "Sword of Islam" by the Prophet.

This ummah needs more khalids!!!

allaboutgq said...

Allahu Akbar!

rtyertyert said...

omg. i wonder how may other people this has happened to, things like this you never see in the news, ( wonder why?!)

ameen to all your duaas

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